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Week 4: Super Yak and the Animal Explorers

Paws, Claws, and Week 4

Hello friends! We can't believe it's already week 4 of Camp Yakety Yak. But, don't worry, the fun isn't ending just yet! We have lots of amazing animal explorers joining us this week, both new and returning. This week, we are focusing on all sorts of creatures and critters! In all 8 of our classes: Friendship, Projects, Play, Chit Chat, Yak Academy, Games, Discovery, and Mindfulness, our campers along with our JCCs (Junior Camp Counselors), Yak Apprentices, and Buddies are learning cool new things about different animals. We are so happy to have all of our animal explorers here at Camp for this epic safari!

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Day 1

We're ready for a fantastic fourth and final week of Camp! Today in Friendship, we made animal masks out of paper plates, construction paper, googly eyes, and straws. We had so much fun picking the animal we wanted to make! In Yak Academy, we read a funny story about Bigfoot and then drew our own versions of the creature.


In Projects today, we made animals with our handprints. Our animal explorers got to choose to turn their handprint into either a cow, chicken, pig, horse, or cat! Our friends in Chit Chat made kites that resembled birds. During our afternoon assembly, we got a visit from an adorable dog named Filbert! He showed off some of his coolest tricks to us. There were lots of smiles and even a few barks at Camp today!

Over in Games, we did a number of our favorite activities from the previous weeks at Camp! Our favorites included Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Cones; Flip Cup Tic-Tac-Toe; and a shoe kicking game! In the game, we kicked our shoes and tried to land them in various hula hoop targets. 


Day 2

We're back for a TORTOISE Tuesday! Today we met our new reptilian friend, Bert the tortoise. He crawled around Camp and hung out with all of our animal explorers! In Projects, we used paper and brads to decorate a chick hatching out of an egg. Everyone's chick and egg looked unique!


Over in Yak Academy, we read "The Colorless Chameleon." The story taught us about the importance of communicating our wants and needs to others, rather than getting angry when people can't read our minds. After, we crafted our very own chameleons! Our friends in Play had fun with an indoor game similar to Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Today in Friendship, we played "Pin the Tail on the Donkey and the Dinosaur!" We practiced taking turns and waiting in line. We also got to have our very own class talent show, where we showcased our animal impressions in front of our friends. It was so much fun! Tuesdays in Games are all about board games. Everyone was able to find both a game and a friend to play with!


In Discovery today, we read the book, "I Don't Want to Be a Frog." After reading, we each shared which animal we would choose to be if given the option. We also made turtles! First, we cut out the head and legs from a template paper and colored them in. Then, we glued them onto the turtle's paper bowl shell and decorated it with torn pieces of paper! Our Buddies read another great Pete the Cat story during their morning meeting about optimism. Later, we got to have fun with water beads during sensory time. Such an exciting day at Camp!

Day 3


Happy Wednesday animal explorers! In Friendship, we played animal charades. After, we got creative with paper plates and made elephant masks! Over in Projects, we made a funny duck-slash-bunny. When we flipped the duck over, it turned into a bunny! Our friends in Play had fun with a group game called "Shark

Attack" and hung out on the outdoor playground!


Today in Yak Academy, we read "The Selfish Crocodile."

Then, we played a game of "Animal Riddles" to stretch our visualization and receptive language skills! In Discovery, we read "Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse," a cute story about a mouse. We also made paper plate polar bears! We glued cotton balls onto the plates for extra warmth and even added ears. They were super cute! Our Buddies enjoyed


singing "Baby Shark" during their morning meeting today. At project time, we made parrots out of toilet paper rolls and then explored paper ripping during sensory art time. We used the ripped paper to create different animals. We had a wonderful time at Camp today!

Day 4

We were so hoppy to have bunnies and a hedgehog at Camp this Thursday! All of our animal explorers got to visit our new friends throughout the day. In Friendship, we started class by showcasing our animal impressions! After, we made paper plate crabs with watercolors and read "My Camel Wants to Be a Unicorn" by Julia Inserro. Today in Projects, we made animal puppets out of brown paper bags! We played with more board games in Games.


We played outdoors today in Play. We had fun with a group game called "Zookeeper" and hung out on the playground! Our friends in Yak Academy fashioned dinosaurs from paper plates. Our animal explorers were very creative! In Discovery, we read the book, "My Sister Ate One Hare." Then, we colored in a hedgehog printout and added googly eyes and a foam nose. We folded small pieces of paper and glued them on for hedgehog spikes! Our Buddies started their morning with a wonderful surprise of bubbles. During project time, we created ocean crowns fit for the kings and queens of the sea. Sensory time was filled with 1 of our favorites: shaving cream art. What a terrific last Thursday!

Day 5


We had the best last day of Camp with a surprise visit from 2 alpaca friends, Napoleon and Jean-Pierre! Animal explorers got to pet them, hug them, and even feed them carrots. It was such a special moment for everyone. In Projects, we made animal masks out of paper plates! Over in Play, we played an indoor group game called "Bird's Nest." After, we went outside for playground time!


We played animal charades for our last day in Yak Academy. Animal explorers used nonverbal skills to portray a secret animal. Everyone had fun playing a part and guessing the animals! Today in Games was an open gym format. We had the choice of doing board games, basketball, or both! The gym was full of smiles and laughter. It was a great way to round out this summer! In Discovery, we read the amazing book, "If..." by Sarah Perry. After, we chose from several options which animal we wanted to color, cut, and glue together! Our Buddies' final day was spent making paper clip caterpillars and playing with Play-Doh. This summer has been such an incredible experience filled with fun, laughter, smiles, and precious memories. Both campers and staff will be counting down the days until it is time for Camp again. Until next year, friends!

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