Neurotypical Campers Program                    



For campers without special needs 

General Camp ages 5-11 & Junior Camp Counselors ages 12-15

I'm SuperYak and I am the camp mascot. I solve problems with my thinking brain and calm body. I am excited for EVERYONE to learn and play together this summer!

My son has learned a lot about patience and empathy and what friendship means by participating in Camp Yakety Yak. He does not have special needs, but learned as much as his brother with autism and is now a "friendship ambassador" at school. Thank you!

- Parent of siblings, one neurotypical, via online survey

Only $100 
registration fee per week
to hold your spot!
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Neurotypical Sibling/Peer Role Model Tuition

General Camp Tuition only $150 a Week!

The Registration fee of $100 per week applies to the participant's total tuition, but is non-refundable.

Learn More About the Neurotypical Camper Program
Characteristics of Neurotypical Campers
  • No disability suspected

  • Can be a group leader or role model for other children

  • At or above grade level across all subjects and skills, little assistance needed

  • Expresses their thoughts, wants/needs and feelings as well as peers.

  • Can problem solve situations through talking it out calmly, negotiate

  • Gets along with most people

  • Does not have social anxiety, but can be shy at first in new settings

  • No safety or behavioral concerns, doesn’t get in trouble at school or in neighborhood

  • Can appropriately respond to stressful situations most of the time as well as others their age

  • Comfortable in crowds at places like Chuck E. Cheese, movie theaters and shopping malls

  • Can follow directions, handles authority, wait their turn, share, lose a game gracefully

  • Has lasting friendships with peers

  • Successfully participates in extracurricular activities, such as sports teams, like peers (without special accommodations)

  • Independent participation in classroom, recess, childcare

  • Has successful playdates often, only typical amount of adult supervision required

Camp Yakety is a Family Affair!

All ability levels can

participate together.

What Perks Do Neurotypical Campers Receive? 
  • Daily Sibling Snack Meeting to foster connection between neurotypical siblings

  • Enjoy weekly themed activities in cooking, recess stations, science, building, indoor and outdoor games, camp songs, daily talent shows, etc. that are geared to engage neurotypical children.

  • Team leadership, role model opportunities

  • Positive adult/teen attention for strengths and abilities

  • *No individualized support from a master-level professional is provided/needed; participates independently in as a member of a team with other kids their age.

  • Camp Yakety Yak T-Shirt

  • Commemorative camp photos and links to view camp photos, end-of-camp slideshow

  • All Camp curriculum, visual Supports and items created for and by the Camper

  • All specialty materials and supplies to complete camp projects, Including Ingredients for our cooking class

  • Coffee, Tea & Empathy Parent Support Meetings each Monday after drop off

  • Child Care Connections list specially trained respite and child care providers

  • Resource list of local services, referrals for assistance during school year (upon request)

Neurotypical Sibling Snack Support Group

"Sibling Snack" is a daily social gathering of neurotypical campers at CYY that have a sibling with special needs (who may or may not be at camp). The neurotypical sibling must be a registered camper at CYY, but their sibling with special needs might not be a registered camper due to age, level of need, etc.

It’s an open discussion facilitated by one or two adults. The goal of the group is for typical siblings to share experiences, connect with each other and build new friendships. The group meets for approximately 15 minutes each day during our afternoon snack time. Parents receive a daily note highlighting the topic of the day.


Special treats and activities are provided!


Topics that may be covered in the group include:

  • What are some things your sibling with special needs is good at doing?

  • What has your sibling taught you?

  • What do you and your sibling have in common?

  • Are playdates at your house a challenge?

  • Have you ever been to the hospital with your sibling?

  • What do you wish other people knew about you, your sibling and your family?

What if my neurotypical child also has social or behavioral challenges?

Neurotypical children participate at camp for the fun activities, opportunities to connect with other children and leadership potential. Professional Faculty support is reserved for children with special needs. Sometimes masters-level support is needed for a neurotypical sibling. It may be that the sibling with special needs has much more apparent challenges, so that can make the other children in the family appear to be average. This was the case for Miss A's family. She started the camp for her oldest son, thinking that his little sister was neurotypical (she was only 4 years old). Miss A ascribed her daughter's social, emotional and behavioral challenges were ascribed to having a "spirited" personality or older brother's influence, rather than her own eventual diagnoses. Now both kids have received many years of instruction for lagging skills and have graduated from campers to camp counselors, wearing the coveted blue shirt!


If campers who are registered as "neurotypical" end up needing specialized support from the Professional Faculty, Camp Directors will contact parents to discuss changing the registration and tuition level to a “Special Needs Camper.” Parents can also elect to withdraw their child at that time, but we would love to help all children with lagging skills!


Thank you for your understanding of this policy!


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(June-July Only)

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