Our Unique Programs


 Camp Yakety Yak has programs to fit everyone in the family 5-21 years! 

Special Needs Camper Program

Ages 5-11

Camp Yakety Yak's Signature Camp Program! This program is for children with a developmental disability or medical condition that makes participation in school difficult and who may or may not have an IEP or 504 Plan at school. Social skills instruction is embedded in all activities each day from the opening assembly, through a 30-minute social skills class, collaborative team projects and recess activities.  Our professional faculty will design a curriculum that targets the social-emotional communication and behavioral needs of your child. A one-to-one assistant may be provided to encourage safe and positive engagement with other campers at no additional charge.

$635 per week

Buddies Intensive Services Program

Ages 5-12

The Buddies Intensive Services Program caters to children with more significant communication, intellectual or physical challenges requiring a dedicated one-to-one assistant. The program is instructed by two dynamic special education instructors and a speech-language pathologist, with the support of graduate students to provide a communication-rich learning environment. Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ACC) is a focus of this program, though the use oral speech is modeled and encouraged . The camp nurse, behavioral staff, physical therapist, and occupational therapist consult with this program as well to provide wraparound support.

Buddies will receive intensive support on increasing their social interactions, communication, and student skills which will continue to support their social and emotional growth and prepare them for the transition back to school at the end of the summer.  

$680 per week

Junior Camp Counselors Program

Ages 12-15

The JCC program is a "pre-service learning"  or "pre-volunteer" experience for teens with learning or social challenges who are still developing independence and leadership skills. The program is co-instructed by a 2 special education teachers with an on-site speech-language pathologist consultant and the support of graduate student mentors. The JCC program will follow the themes of the general camp while creating engaging activities where our JCC’s can learn new strategies and practice self-advocacy, emotional regulation, increased independence, problem-solving, growth mindset, social filter, and leadership.  JCC’s will provide extra support to the general camp by demonstrating mentorship to younger campers as well as community service projects that support the day to day operations of camp. 

At age 16, individuals can enter the Yak Apprenticeship Program to develop social skills needed for the working world.

$680 per week

Neurotypical Siblings/Peer Role Model Program

Ages 5-15

Neurotypical children are at or above their peers in social communication and behavioral skills, and are a very important component of our camp curriculum and can participate in either General Camp or JCCs depending on their age. Neurotypical peers are role models, and serve as examples of positive participation in camp activities. Thus, they receive a significantly discounted tuition rate. Neurotypical peers receive frequent positive adult and teenager attention for their willingness to try new things, be flexible, empathy, and leadership. This support makes Camp Yakety Yak as rewarding and fun of an experience for neurotypical campers as camp is for special needs campers. Neurotypical siblings are invited to participate in our sibling support group hosted daily by a counseling professional at snack time. If your child exhibits behavior which requires professional assistance, Camp Yakety Yak administrators will contact you to discuss options.


At age 13, neurotypical siblings/peers can apply to be camp counselors on our staff.

$150 per week

Yak Apprenticeship Program

Ages 16-21

The Yak Apprentice program is a 4-week, full-time work experience focusing on "social and executive function skills at the workplace." It is a unique opportunity for young adults to focus on job and life skills necessary for success in everyday life.  While in the program, apprentices will receive direct instruction on social skills, job skills, self-advocacy, and appropriate emotional regulation, while increasing confidence when faced with more challenging workplace situations. Each apprentice will have the opportunity to learn a skill that interests them with the support of a coach.  With support, Yak Apprentices will engage in supporting the day-to-day operations of camp and learn on the job skills necessary to be successful in day-to-day living.​

$1695 for a 4-Week Program ($200 of that comes back to your YA as a $50 weekly pay check!)

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All tuitions listed include a $100 per week registration fee that is nonrefundable. The registration fee is all that is required to reserve a spot for your child this summer.


Each week children with special needs, Buddies and JCCs receive 25 hours of direct social-emotional, communication and behavioral skills instruction. The more weeks a child attends the more effective the camp can be, and the greater the tuition discount.


Tuition pricing is based on the cost of speech therapy in a university clinic by graduate students, or approximately $20-25 per hour.


We charge very little per hour for neurotypical children to attend camp. We do this for many reasons: 1) we want our campers to interact with peer models; 2) we want neruotypical siblings to have a chance to connect with each other and; 3) no special support is provided by Masters-level educators and therapists. Neurotypical peers are often part of our strategy to improve social skills of campers with special needs. 


This is an expensive camp to produce, mostly due to the number of professionals needed to design and supervise the program to ensure quality instruction and safety. Tuition covers about 70% of the budget, the rest we must fundraise.


Total Value

of Camp



 *2 week camp session for a child with special needs. Estimated cost of all services and products, if provided by a speech-language pathologist in a clinic setting at rate of $85 per hour and a 1:1 Assistant at $9 per hour.

The Registration fee of $100 per week applies to the participant's total tuition, but is non-refundable.

Payments, Discounts & Scholarships

Tuition Payments: A registration fee of $100 is required to hold the camper's spot at the time of registration and applies to the camper's total tuition. Families can make payments on their online camp account anytime they wish or pay the entire tuition at once. Total tuition is due on or before June 5th, 2020. 


Neurotypical Sibling Discount: The Neurotypical Sibling/Peer Role Model tuition is significantly discounted compared to participating in other camps with similar activities offered. The $150 tuition for 25 hours of camp is less than the cost of childcare. We offer this discount so camp is able to meet its 25% neurotypical camper quota for our specialized Reverse Inclusion model. At this time, there is no additional discount for multiple campers within the same family with special needs. Instead, we encourage families to apply for a CYY Scholarship (see below).


Staff Discount: We offer a special discount to children (age 5-12) of professional staff members so they are not covering the cost of outside childcare in order to work at the camp. 


Partial, Need-Based Scholarships for Campers with Special Needs, Buddies Intensive Services Program, Junior Camp Counselors and Yak Apprentices: We want all children who want to attend camp to be able to attend Camp Yakety Yak. We know that the cost of the tuition (which largely covers the cost of the professionals to be onsite) can be a barrier.  CYY offers partial scholarships to campers whose families have a demonstrated need. At this time, the maximum scholarship is $550 per family, so we can share the funds with as many families as possible. Scholarships are available for the Yak Apprentice program at a maximum of $250 for qualified applicants. The scholarship committee looks at multiple factors in determining the scholarship calculations. We do not have a maximum income policy at this time, rather the Scholarship Committee looks at all of the other factors that the family shares to get a total picture of need. When in doubt whether if you qualify or not, we recommend that you apply for a scholarship anyway and the committee will review all applications and available scholarship funds to make a determination.


CYY's Scholarship Process: We ask that families who are interested in scholarships complete the following steps:

  • Step 1: Complete an online registration form their child for the number of camp weeks they desire.

  • Step 2: Pay all of the registration fees ($100 per week) to hold your child's spot for desired weeks. The registration fee will be applied to the family's portion of tuition, if a scholarship is granted. 

  • Step 3: Complete and return CYY's Scholarship Application along with the tax documents summarizing the families income (we do not need the entire return. The scholarship applications are due May 19. Applications received after that point will still be considered, as funds are available.

  • Step 4: CYY's Scholarship Committee meets to review all scholarship applications and makes awards given the available funds. Families are notified by email on or before May 26th about the scholarship award.

  • Step 5: Families accept the scholarship award and agree to pay the family portion of the camper's tuition on or before July 1st. To assist families in raising funds, the camp has created a Camper Friends & Family Letter to Request Donations that can be sent to close family and friends for small donations. Our office applies the donation check amount to your camper's online account, the donor receives a receipt and you are notified that someone has donated.

  • Step 6: It is required for all scholarship recipients to write a thank you note to the donor before August 9. Our office handles tracking and distribution of thank you notes to donors or written testimonials to foundations providing scholarship funds. Written thank you's from parents about what the scholarship meant to the family are encouraged to include a photo of the child in their camp shirt, the note written by the child or a drawing by the child.  Families who accept the scholarship and do not provide written thank you's may not be considered for future scholarships at Camp Yakety Yak. We believe that gratitude is one of the most important social skills we can teach children and hope you agree!


What if our family accepts the scholarship but is not able to cover remaining tuition? Camp Yakety Yak will refund all tuition paid to date, including the registration fee, and will give the spot to a child on the waitlist. Even though the registration fees are not refundable customarily, scholarship applicants receive a full refund.

What Makes Camp Yakety Yak Unique?

One-to-One Assistants at Camp: Children with special needs who have behavior that impacts their learning or the learning of others typically receive a one-to-one assistant at camp. This is different than public school assistants who are typically provided only for significant safety or medical reasons. Because our staff are largely student volunteers we feel that often children and students learn best in a one-to-one relationship. If your child needs supervision to participate well in a group, they will may be able to receive an assistant at our camp.

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