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Week 2: Super Yak and the Music Makers

Let's Tune into Week 2

Hello friends! We are back for a musical week 2 of Camp Yakety Yak. We're so thrilled to meet our new, incoming musicians and reunite with our music makers from last week. This week, we are focusing on all sorts of songs and great tunes! In all 8 of our classes: Friendship, Projects, Play, Chit Chat, Yak Academy, Games, Discovery, and Mindfulness, our campers as well as our JCCs (Junior Camp Counselors), Yak Apprentices, and Buddies are learning ALL about music. We are so happy to see all of our musicians join in on this melodic second week!

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Day 1


We had such a fabulous, musical Monday today! In Friendship, we got to know our fellow music makers' names by playing "pass the balloon." After, we listened to our first music-themed book, Giraffes Can't Dance! Musicians then made their own pan flutes out of plastic straws and tape. We finished off class with a game of musical chairs!


Meanwhile, in Projects, we made our own maracas using 2 paper cups and popcorn kernels! We decorated our cups, added the kernels, and then taped the 2 cups together. Today in Play, we worked on our listening and responding skills by playing musical statues!

Our friends in Yak Academy listened to popular '50s-'70s songs while playing "Musical Bingo." We practiced good listening, cooperation, and sportsmanship while jamming out to

Chuck Berry, The Beatles, and Billy Joel! Today in Games was all about Hula Hoop Frisbee. Musicians met the challenge of

throwing hula hoops onto cones. Everyone was able to participate! In Discovery, we learned that vibrations cause sound. We experimented with sound by dropping pebbles into a container of water to see the ripples! We also made our own vibrations using cups and rubber bands. Lots of smiling and singing to start our week off!

Day 2


We had such an incredible day at Camp today. A musician joined us for assembly and played all kinds of instruments for us! In Chit Chat, we played "Musical Bingo." We did four-in-a-row, and then a special blackout round! While playing, we learned about multiple different instruments.

Our friends in Friendship played "Musical Masterpiece." While music was playing, music makers drew on paper at 3 different stations. When the music stopped, we changed stations and added artwork to the next piece of paper! In Games, we put our skills to the test with various board games. Every music maker found a game to play with a friend!

In Projects, we made our own tambourines! First, we decorated a paper plate with holes punched along the rim. Then, we tied a bell to the plate with ribbon! We had lots of fun in Play today. We played four square with hula hoops, bean bags, and music! After, we completed a hula hoop obstacle course while listening to our favorite Disney tunes. 

Lots of awesome activities in Yak Academy today! We read "Bello the Cello," a story about a cello who finds his own voice. We also played "Freeze Dance," a spin-off of Statues. Some music makers even got to jam out with a professional musician, and then perform in the talent show! In Discovery,

we experimented with sound some more by making paper cup phones! With our partners, we proved that we could transmit the vibrations our voices make through the string. Such an exciting Tuesday at Camp!

Day 3


Happy Wednesday friends! Today in Projects, we used string, 2 beads, a popsicle stick, and paper to start creating our own spin drums. In Chit Chat, we listened to what a banjo sounds like. Then, we made our own mini banjos using fun colors, glitter, gems, and more!


In Discovery today, we modeled sound as vertical and pulsing waves by using slinkies! Our JCCs recapped what it means to be a JCC: we are models for the younger campers and look out for one another. The Yak Apprentices

Our friends in Play had lots of fun playing "Guard the Castle." Each team made a castle out of cardboard blocks that the other team had to knock down using beach balls! In Yak Academy, we shared what our hidden superpowers are, and then designed posters that showcased us as superheroes!


worked so hard at their jobs! The Yak Shack is getting busier each day and the Apprentices provided great customer service. Today, we talked about flexible thinking. We learned that it is important to have flexible thinking at work and in life. What a wonderful Wednesday at Camp!

In Mindfulness, we had a slo-mo dance battle! Instead of racing through a song, we went as slow as we could to reach the finish line. Games was filled with flip cup tic-tac-toe and cup stacking! We had fun and kept smiles on our faces despite the heat. In Friendship, music makers got to make and decorate their very own maracas out of paper plates, popcorn kernels, and tape!

Day 4

We had such a terrific Thursday at Camp today! In Projects, we made our own harmonicas. To do so, we cut a piece of paper into the shape of a popsicle stick, put the paper in between 2 popsicle sticks, put rubber bands around the ends, and then added toothpicks!


In Play, we went outside and played a water game similar to duck, duck, goose called "Dry, Dry, Wet!" Meanwhile, in Chit Chat, we listened to music with drums while finishing the spin drums that we started making yesterday. Today was another great day for board games in Games!


In Discovery, we learned about how the ear works and all the different parts of the ear! We conducted a symphony with different emotions instead of different instruments in Mindfulness. Our Yak Apprentices discussed conflict resolution. The Yak Shack is up and running and everyone is enjoying their jobs! Over in Friendship, we listened to a

book titled, "Because," which was about a young girl's journey to take center stage and show off her love for music. We also watched a meaningful video on leadership and collaboration! In Yak Academy, we discussed how we all have our own songs and should celebrate the lyrics which make us unique. After, we "grooved" to The Beatles. Best Thursday ever!

Day 5


Today in Play, we went outside to had fun on the playground! In Chit Chat, we talked about our favorite types of music to listen to and got a chance to play with the musical instruments we made earlier this week. In Games, we enjoyed open gym time!

We had such a fabulous Friday at Camp! We even had a special performer at our assembly who sang to us. In Friendship, we started off with a drum circle! Each music maker got to make up their own drum pattern, then the team repeated their pattern. Over in Projects, we made our own cymbals out of paper plates!


On our final day this week in Yak Academy, we watched a short video about Beethoven 

and then listened to "Because," a story about how a person's actions can continue to impact others in the future. In Discovery, we finished learning about our ears and sound by reminding ourselves about pitch and volume! We made ourselves a new set of ears

attached to a headband to bring home. Thank you to all of our music makers for making our musical second week extra magical!

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