WEEK 3: The Amazing Yak Race

Super Yaks hit the road!

Have you ever ridden on a plane, been on a cruise, or traveled to faraway lands? Well this week at Campy Yakety Yak, campers will have the opportunity to do just that. With an international theme this week we are exploring all sorts of foreign cultures and learning so many new things. 


In order to be prepared for our travels, we need passports! This week in Discovery we are making our own passports, bringing them to life with color. Once we have these essential little booklets ready we can take on all the adventures coming our way. Some of us even decided to create our own pictures in our passports to document our adventures. We are working on taking turns while waiting patiently for technology and coloring utensils. We have enjoyed sharing fun facts about the places that we are visiting! Get ready for our snap-shots from our journey at the end of the week!

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First Day!


Where are the chips because we're making salsa today!


What better way to end our day at camp than a dance party!?


Day 2!

This week in Projects, Miss Polly has taken an all different approach to the Amazing Yak Race - she is taking her campers around the world in search of different biomes!  Together they found out a biome is a place where the climate, plants, and animals work together to live. They are making their way through a few of the major biomes including oceans, deserts, the Arctic, rainforests, and forests. While campers investigate these biomes they will continue learning how to be successful learners in the classroom using strategies such as Whole Body Listening, the Zones of Regulation and lessons from the playmakers! Watch out world, here we come!


Monday was a great day! At the beginning of Friendship class, we discussed how to manage emotions so we can be ready to learn. In honor of The Amazing Yak Race, we talked about how we’re going to learn about South Africa this week. We started off by reading (and singing!) Abiyoyo, a folktale based off a South African lullaby. In the story, the boy and his father were left out, and we talked about how that would make us feel and how important it is to include all our friends when we play.


Making snow!


Fill in those passports!

Since the weather has been getting better this week, we hope to have Games outside a bit more. Today, we continued to work on getting our friends attention, winning and losing well, and staying engaged during board games in the Breezeway. It's fun

to play games with our green and blue shirt friends, even when we don't always win. 

We should all celebrate the success of another great day at CYY


Day 3!

To start off day three we heard from our friends in Playmakers during morning meeting. They taught us about ways to interact with our friends and ask questions. This week we're encouraging campers to ask each other about trips they've taken. We love hearing travel stories at Camp Yakety Yak. All of our friends have been to such cool places!

This week in Chit Chat, we are working on empathy! Campers will learn what that word means and implement skills on how to show understanding in play and everyday activities.  Campers will learn what that means when they are on a team or playing with others and how being a good sport can help them make and keep friends. Campers will also do hands-on activities that include sharing ideas with peers and in small groups. Some of the activities we're up to this week are baking soda paint, beading, skits, and today, making monsters!


This week, campers are sharing about trips they've been on with their families

Fan making in Yak Academy!

Blue Team makes salsa in Cooking!


Painting bowls in Friendship!

After a week of travel and exploration, our campers are ready to take on any kind of adventure thrown their way. Good luck on your next wild adventure Super Yaks and don't forget your passport!

Days 4 & 5!


See you next week campers for Super Yak and the Tech Trekkers!