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Safety goggles on for week 2

We hope campers come to camp this week ready to put their scientist hats on, prepared to launch into their next wild experiment. With bubbling beakers and atom posters dotting the walls of camp we can't wait to inspire our young campers to become the next Albert Einstein. Even our Yak Back poster is covered in the materials you'd find only in the most advanced of science labs. Campers will use their colorful, paper Yak Backs collected all week by being safe, kind, and trying their best to fill the hand-cut beakers up for a fun surprise at the end of the week. 

This week in Yak Academy, Silver, Orange, and Green team are doing real science in an accessible way.  Their week will start with an investigation of the mass of different liquids.  On Monday, we learned that different liquids weigh different amounts.  Later in the week, we will use that knowledge to make six different liquids stay separate in a bottle and finally make sensory bottles with a special twist based on our knowledge of the properties of liquids.  We will talk about the different sizes of molecules and the properties of liquids.  Happy lunar landing 50th anniversary week!

First Day!


Games is a space that was created for campers to have fun and participate actively both outdoors and indoors. Each day there is a large movement activity or board games inside to help campers gain skills such as winning and losing appropriately, manage emotions when the game doesn’t go as planned, and getting someone's attention. Today we played beach volleyball with our whole team!


To start the week off in ChitChat, campers will be working on how to engage with peers, while utilizing science.  Students will be doing science experiments, talking about observations and giving predictions.  Campers will get to talk to peers and peer groups about what they are thinking and learn appropriate ways to make friends through guided discussion and projects. For example, today we painted wood rounds and practiced sharing materials. 


Day 2!


Look at all those ducks!

How many jumps can this camper do?!

This week in Friendship, we are learning about social filters and how we have two different bubbles of words: our thinking bubbles and our speaking bubbles. In honor of our theme, Super Yaks on the Science Track, we are also doing science experiments with filters! Some of the awesome projects we're doing are creating water filters, experimenting with light, and making volcanoes! What a great week!


Building marshmellow houses that can withstand an EARTHQUAKE!!!

Always smiling in Games Class
Block building in Projects!

This week in Projects we are nurturing our science side while promoting positive peer interactions such as requesting something from someone. We started the week off with some bubble art. As we continue, we will be concocting experiments with slime, making sensory bottles, building block structures from visual plans and ending the week exploring shadows!  


Day 3!

Today was day 3 of Super Yaks on the Science Track! This week in Discovery campers are diving into the Science theme with hands-on experiments. They are practicing the process of the Scientific Method by asking a question, making a prediction, trying the experiment, and trying again. Campers are working in small groups to create their experiment. Through this small group model, they are learning collaboration, how to share ideas, and sometimes compromise their own vision to create a shared outcome. Discovery instructor, Ms. Jenny is so excited to see the science world through their eyes and minds!


Even Ms. Elise likes to participate in Games class!

Campers had so much fun in Play class this week! Buddies team, Yellow team, and Blue team got to play a relay game that involved all 5 senses. They also did an obstacle course, played Simon Says, Red Light-Green Light, and Freeze Tag (just to name a few)! Play class is all about getting our energy out while having fun with our friends and we love every minute of it. We're so excited for week 3, The Amazing Yak Race!

Day 4!

Scientific Super Yaks!

Focus time with Miss A after recess before transitioning to our next class


Nothing like scooters and the playground for recess!


Last day!


Well, it's officially the last day of Super Yaks on the Science Track. We had a great week of scientific exploration and discovery with our friends, under the guidance of our brilliant class instructors. We simply can't wait for next week where we'll travel around the globe with The Amazing Yak Race. Get your passport ready because we're going on an adventure!

Red team photo.JPG
Silver team photo.JPG
Orange team photo.JPG
Jack team photo.JPG
Blue team photo.JPG
Yellow team photo.JPG

To end the week, we thought we'd share the beautiful faces of our campers. We hope to see you all back on Monday!

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