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Week 4: day 3

Our campers are amazing! We are having so much fun taking care of the environment, and learning about it too!

Chitchat class

Today in Chit Chat we watched a video on Friendship. We had an awesome discussion on what friendship means to them and how to treat your friends. We talked about having respect, being kind, understanding and caring. For our project, the campers painted the bottom part of a two liter bottle, tomorrow they will be planting seeds and then we will watch our flowers grow!!

Discovery class

Today campers made rain clouds using different craft materials!

Friendship class

Campers listened actively and participated wonderfully in today’s discussion. We talked about what can help us be more comfortable or feel happy in times when we feel nervous, scared or sad. We followed our discussion with drawing a picture or writing what makes us happy or feel better when we feel sad or nervous. We ended with a art project; making our own Forky (character from Toy’s Story 4).

Projects class

Campers had a super fun time today in Projects with our theme for the day: YOU ROCK! Aboriginal Rock Art and Designs. Campers used circular paint dabbers, dot markers, and colored Felt pens to create paintings in the style of the Aboriginal peoples of Australia. This art project served as an opportunity to discuss the original “First Nations” people and how they have cared for our earth for many eons. Campers were encouraged to think of ways they could practice loving our planet as the native people all over our world do today. At the end of class Campers got to choose their own special rock to decorate and take home with them. We had a good time listening to some didgeridoo music in the background to set the tone for their creations!

Games class

Today was another water play day! We split up into teams and competed in a water relay. The catch was that the cup that we were using to transfer water from bucket to bucket, had a bunch of holes in it. We had to alternate using this cup and a sponge to fill up our buckets. We worked together as a team to figure out the best way to carry the cup to transfer the most water efficiently. Teams finished out the class by having to pass a ping pong ball to each other over our heads using a cup. We then traded the ping pong ball out for water. Teams had to work together to not spill water on not only their own heads but the heads of their team members as well.

Yak Academy

Keeping our eco track theme in mind, we practiced following directions as we tie dyed pillowcases with vegetable & spice (beets & turmeric based) dyes. We worked well as teams and enjoyed giving each camper an opportunity to lead us in "Would You Rather?"

Mindfulness class

The orange team came to Mindfulness class so excited today! They were eager to paint their pottery. So wonderful to see such incredible engagement and joy in campers and their creations! The silver team learned more about how powerful words can be. We each got to paint a rock with our preferred colors and will let them dry overnight. The green team had a great time doing some group poses and stretches outdoors and indoors. We also formed a drum circle as we cooled off inside and tried out multiple instruments.


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