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Week 3: day 4

Another great day at camp! See below to discover what the campers accomplished.

Projects class

Campers had an awesome time today making their very own Planet Key Chains using beautifully cut and drilled natural wooden disks. Each camper got to personalize and transform their own planet using pens and bright markers. They then attached colorful pipe-cleaners twisted or knotted into chains. This project was a great opportunity to give kids a chance to open up about themselves and what kind of planet they were creating as their namesake planet. Every camper’s planet is so unique and, happily, not far,far, away!!

Chitchat class

The campers have been looking forward to this day all week. Slime making day! First we watched a video on making friendship soup. We talked about all the things you needed to add to your friendship soup (honesty, goofiness, trust, kindness) We then made slime. The campers all worked together and made their slime fun and unique. Some added cool colors and glitter, others got really creative mixing primary colors to make their favorite colors. It was a messy, but fun project.

Yak Academy

Today we learned about what we need to survive on Planet Earth and we worked together sharing supplies as we created our own planets with balls and paint. We had a good discussion with planetary Would You Rather questions and a few galaxy jokes. We created planetary necklaces. Some groups had time to try out some handheld instruments

Games class

Thursday is another great day for board games! Taking a break from the sun to play one on one with our friends proved to be another day of fun!

Play class

We had so much fun moving our bodies in a fun and safe way! Especially when water play is in the mix.

Friendship class

Friendship class was full of fun while we made door hangers!


Today in mindfulness, we reviewed being good listeners, observers, and learners. We then engaged in several rounds of “Who am I?” where each camper was given a card with a superhero’s name on it. Campers were instructed to take turns asking yes/no questions and gave subtle hints to think of the correct superhero name. After a few rounds of the activity, we ended with a brief time of coloring and chatting about events we look forward to. We also played our hand held instruments (dejembe drum, kalimba, coconut xylophone, marimba, tambourines, bells, shakers) to Somewhere Over The Rainbow and Count On Me


Our JCC team has been critical in this weeks adventure! Without them, we're not sure what planet we would be on!

Yak Apprentice

Today we learned about getting feedback that is constructive and/ or positive. What does constructive feedback mean? If I get feedback that I need to work on something does that mean I am a failure? Learning how to receive feedback is very important in a job. A supervisor has more experience and may want to give feedback so that they can make your job easier. During camper recess some of the Yak Apprentices played board games with campers, danced with Miss Elise, and played “duck, duck, goose.” It is so nice to learn new skills and also have some play time.


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