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Week 3: day 3

All phasers set to fun at Camp Yakety Yak! We have had a blast getting to know our campers, playing games, and making new friends.

Yak Academy

Today we practiced our camp motto “try your best” as we attempted to make galactical origami stars. Some groups exemplified excellent team spirit as they slowly worked through the steps together. It was great to see so many campers helping one another. We also learned what stars are and took a tour of some of the most extreme stars in space!


It’s Wednesday and today we watched a super cool video about the moon called Where Did The Moon Come From? We had a great discussion about all the new things we learned. The campers were excited to share their thoughts about the video. We finished our moon project by cutting, gluing it to our space special paper. The campers did an amazing job with adding stickers, stars and a few of them drew astronauts on it.


Today was a water play day! We split up into teams and did a water relay. The catch was that the cup that we were using to transfer water from bucket to bucket, had a bunch of holes in it. We worked together as a team to figure out the best way to carry the cup to transfer the most water efficiently. We then transitioned to a game where we kicked our shoes out into the field to see who could get their shoe the farthest. Teams finished out the class by having to pass a ping pong ball to each other over our heads using a cup. We then traded the ping pong ball out for water. Teams had to work together to not spill water on their own heads!


Today in Projects campers had a lot of fun creating their own scenes from space using “Cosmic Templates” of all kinds like asteroids, comets, planets, astronauts, shooting stars, alien spaceships, moons, stars, the sun, and the earth. A large part of this project was about sharing the templates and collaborating with one another. Campers did a great job being helpful to one another, and they created colorful, dynamic artwork today!


Today in mindfulness we made our very own “mindfulness ornaments”! Campers were free to choose various glitters to pour into their ornaments and they happily chatted with their peers. The instructor will fill them with water and hot glue the top to make sure it’s safe and sturdy to take home by the end of the week. Everyone had a great time pouring in the glitter and choosing between the bright and fun colors.


Today we created our own alien friends! We used colorful model magic to bring them to life. We used googly eyes and jems to finish them off, and at the end of class we got to keep them in our space boxes to dry!

JCC Team

Check out a member of the team lending a hand.

Yak Apprentice

Now that we have had our jobs for almost 3 weeks, what accommodations have we used? What is an accommodation in the first place? An accommodation is something that helps me be successful in the workplace. An accommodation is something I am legally allowed to have. Learning about different work accommodations is very important for the future. It was also important to learn how to ask for accommodation that I need. Why does it matter? It matters because there are laws in place from the American’s with Disabilities Act.

Recess time


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