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Week 3: day 1

We are so excited to be back at camp! This week our campers are on an adventure out of this world with Super Yak in a galaxy far far away! It was so much fun making new friends and seeing familiar faces in our third week at Camp Yakety Yak.

Projects class

Campers had a blast today in Projects creating their own STARS for this week’s theme, “A Galaxy Far, Far Away”.Our Projects theme today was , “Ways I shine bright”.. We talked about how each of them created a totally unique star, just like them. They incorporated colorful glitter on foam stars, attached to black paper which they decorated as the night sky. Campers then identified the blow-up planets hanging around the Projects room.The question that got everyone thinking as they lined up to leave today was, “If you were able to drive around the earth without stopping, how long would it take? We got lots of great responses! If you’re curious, the answer is: 16 days!

Discovery class

Discovery class was a blast! Campers created their own space boxes to hold all of the amazing art they will create throughout the week!

Chitchat class

It’s Week 3 of Camp Yakety Yak! Today we welcomed lots of new campers and were excited to see some familiar faces. Today we focused on introductions, review zones of regulations and classroom expectations. We discussed being safe, respectful and responsible. We watched a video on youtube called How I Made A Friend. The campers all worked together to make our classroom banner. I was so impressed with their creativity. It looks awesome and it’s proudly hanging in the hallway.

Yak Academy

Today we played “Find Someone in Our Galaxy Who…” We had fun walking around talking and getting to know one another. We also learned about “The Farthest We’ve Ever Gone in Space” and the Voyager 1

Play class

Our campers got to use their bodies and bowl today during play class! We first did a warm-up with the movement dice, campers took turns rolling the dice and completing different exercises. Then they used their bodies to roll down the bowling lane and knock over bowling pins!

Games class

Today in class we played a get to know you game called Fun Fact where we shared our names, age and a random fact about ourselves. We then played a game where we tried our best to keep a beach ball in the air for as long as we could. Next we played a toss and catch game with bean bags where we took one step back for every catch that we made to see how far apart we could get and still complete the challenge. We rounded out the class by tossing our bean bags through different steps on a tall ladder. Some of us managed to make it through every rung of the ladder! My favorite part of the day was that almost every single camper participated in class today.

Friendship class

Friendship class was so much fun! We colored pictures of planets and read a story about how to handle our emotions.

Yak Apprentice

Today we got to see what it was like in our new roles. Some of us decided to do a job transfer and see what other skills we could learn. A few of the Yak Apprentices that were in the Yak Shack decided they wanted to be Educational Assistants. The Educational Assistants followed the teachers instructions and made sure that the campers were having fun and staying safe. During our lesson we learned about sick time and vacation time. We learned when it is ok to call in sick and when it is not. Is it ok to call in sick just because you don’t feel like working? Nope.

JCC Team

The JCC team is always willing to lend a helping hand! Throughout the day they can be seen in different classrooms offering help to our instructors and younger campers. We are so lucky to have extra support around!

Recess time


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