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Week 2: Treasure hunters

Another great start to the week at Camp Yakety Yak! This week, campers will need to use their skills in order to find the secret treasure of Camp Yakety Yak; fun and friendship! This week campers will experience many different classes; Discovery, Yak Academy, Projects, Friendship, Chit-Chat, Mindfulness, Play, and Games! Check out our adventure from Day 1

Discovery Class

Ahoy! Creating our very own Ship 'Portholes', today we set sail in hopes to find buried treasure! We enjoyed seeing other pirate ships and mermaids along the way. It was fun chanting and sharing with our other shipmates as we got our sea legs on the first day. Our teacher even shared fun facts about a Pirate's life.

Yak Academy

Today we welcomed our new campers and reviewed Camp mottos. We had fun creating personal flags using washable paints.

Friendship Class

Today we welcomed some returning and new campers. We reviewed our camp expectations and zones of regulation. Some campers enjoyed sharing what zone they were in. We started reading How To Be Comfortable In Your Own Feathers by Julia Cook. We followed with the start of our first project, campers decorated their own parrot by coloring, adding glitter, stickers and tissue paper symbolizing being unique and accepting ours and others differences.


This first day of our “Treasure Hunters” week, campers had a blast making heart-shaped wooden key chains that said,

“ I Am a Treasure”. We talked about how every camper, and every person is, and will always be the only one that is like them. We talked about the word “treasure” and they shared their thoughts about what treasures can be. Campers decorated their key chains with colored markers, glue and gold, copper and colorful glitter.

Play Class

Having fun and exercising too!


Check out the athleticism of these campers!


Today in Chit Chat class we started our fun week of Treasure Hunters!! We started off with introductions, class expectations and zones. I am so happy to welcome back campers from last week and new campers that joined us this week. We focused on teamwork, working together. We watched a short film on Youtube called TeamWork Can Make A Dreamwork. We started working on creating our own treasure maps, the campers had a great time designing their own maps and adding their own personality. It was such a fun day!!

Check out Yak Apprentice!

Update from the JCC team

The Junior Camp Counselors dominated right off the bat! New and returning campers headed right into helping in camp classes while others stayed in the JCC room doing 'get to know you' activities.


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