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Week 2: day 4

Yo ho! Day 3 was a blast! The fun never stops at Camp Yakety Yak, thanks to our amazing campers. Read on to learn about our continued journey as treasure hunters.

Friendship class

The end of another week of camp is fast approaching. Today we talked about identifying sizes of problems. We watched an animated video where campers participated in a discussion on which scene was a big or small problem as we paused the video. Campers did a wonderful job listening to each other's ideas and using the zones of regulations to relate problems to emotions/feelings. We then finished our telescopes and made Jolly Rogers! As we continue to prepare for out treasure hunt, tomorrow.

Projects class

Today in Projects campers had a great time making Pirate Puzzle Drawings. Each camper was given various Pirate-themed puzzle pieces with adhesive backing, like pirate ships, flags, anchors, and a pirate’s face with different hats, and accessories to dress the pirate up in. Campers then did an awesome job creating background drawings that provided environments with a lot of interest and unique detail that made their art work really come to life!

Games class

Thursday is another great day for board games! Taking a break from the sun to play one on one with our friends proved to be another day of fun!

Play Class

Campers love moving and grooving in play class!

Discovery class

Yarrr Gonna learn to talk like a pirate today. We’ve set sail with our first mates and crew now it’s time to play the part. Though the class (more or less) knew mutiny with vegetables, we’ve paired up to practice our new catch phrases for “Pin the Patch on the Pirate”. It was really fun listening to the different styles of pirate voices as we discovered how truly unique everyone is!

Yak Academy

Today we used an image of a pirate crew to discuss which pirate’s behavior best represents ourselves in relation to being part of a team. Then we created our own kakamora pirates using art supplies including washable paints and glue guns.

Mindfulness class

Today we recapped what mindfulness is by watching a short video from BrainPOP. We followed with a seated stretching exercise and ended with making a mind jar which consisted of water, glitter, and glitter glue. A mind jar calm helps provide visualization on calming down by watching the glitter settle to the bottom of the jar to refocus and refresh ourselves.

Chit Chat class

It’s Scavenger Hunt Day!! The campers have been looking forward to this day all week!! Before we headed outside for our scavenger hunt, we talked about some rules. Staying together, working together as a team but most importantly….Have Fun!!! The campers quickly solved the clues! I especially loved how they were encouraging and cheering each other on! Their favorite part was finding the treasure chest! They all got to choose a prize to keep. They all seemed very happy about that!

Recess Time


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