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Week 2: day 3

Ahoy mateys! We are all finished with day 3 of camp and we had a blast dancing, creating, and learning. It has been so wonderful watching these treasure hunters having fun, here is what we accomplished today!

Projects class

Campers had a lot of fun today creating “Treasure Bags” to hold all of the treasures they have been making in Projects! They used various techniques to color and decorate their bags including washi tape,metallic and color markers, and collage materials. They will be loading up their Treasure Bags on Friday with their amazing artwork, and some special surprises!

Play class

Today in PLAY class we participated in an obstacle course that ended in a ring toss challenge! We walked on balance beams and stepping stones, and wiggled on balance boards throughout the obstacle course. Campers made up fun ways to toss the rings: all at once, with non-dominant hands, and even with eyes closed!

Games class

Wednesday in Games Class we challenged ourselves to keep a beach ball in the air for as long as possible. We then worked on some soccer drills and shooting goals. We then had some free play with ball based games. These games included volleyball, soccer and basketball. Campers used their communication skills to join in with their friend’s games.

Mindfulness class

Today we learned about guided imagery - a task that promotes harmony between the mind and body. It is also a way to focus our imaginations to create calm and peaceful images in our minds. We drew pictures of our “happy place” and shared with our peers. Everyone had such creative pictures to share, ranging from beaches to our parents’ house and driving around with our parents. I’m looking forward to Thursday!

Chit-Chat class

Today in Chit Chat class we learned about being different. We watched an inspirational video about what it’s like being different.Then we all shared one thing that is different about us. For our project today, we made pirate hats. The campers will need these hats for a fun activity later this week. They had a lot of fun decorating their hats with markers, glitter glue and stickers. It was a super fun day today!!

Friendship class

Today we began our class discussion on how to be a team player as we prepare to embark on our treasure hunt. We watched a short video on leadership and effective collaboration highlighting what working as a team can accomplish. Campers enjoyed the video! We then started making our telescopes using cardstock paper, paint, stickers, glitter, paper cups.

Discovery class

Every pirate needs a first mate and who better than a parrot?! We really enjoyed using our creative talents to make our wrist pets. We learned that not only do they make great ‘lookouts’ but were used as a form of entertainment. All shipmates taught their parrots pirate jokes (Where do pirates keep their cookies? In a cookie jarrrgghhhh)!

Yak Academy

Today we discussed what it means to practice good sportsmanship. Then we had a great time playing coconut bowling!!

Yak Apprentice



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