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Week 2: Day 2

Shiver me timbers, another great day at camp! We continued our search for the secret treasure of Camp Yakety Yak and had a lot of fun too! Campers participated in art, exercise, and other exciting activities during our treasure hunters week! Heres a sneak peak into the adventure of Day 2.


Today in Projects we talked about what campers treasure in their own lives. We had lots of examples of everything from family members, pets, their homes, to fun answers like YouTube! and volcanoes! We did a hands-on project creating gold sparkly “Things I Treasure” mini books. Campers decorated the inside of these mini books with drawings, lists of precious people and things, and vibrant colors. It was a great day for getting to know each other better and for appreciating all the treasures in our lives


Today we did breathing exercises to relax our mind. We then played bingo implementing being kind in social situations. We also listened to relaxation music and colored canvases. After that we each took a turn using the singing bowl followed by 5 minutes of relaxation breathing. Next we did a guided meditation on what it means to be a good team player. Finally, each camper softly played a handheld instrument to “Count On Me” by Bruno Mars. All campers were thoughtful and careful with the singing bowl and various instruments.


Campers discussed what teamwork is! We watched a video on youtube and had a discussion about it. Campers enjoyed the video and shared their thoughts with their peers. We did a fun team building activity with stacking cups. The campers had to work together to stack the cups in a pyramid but could only use one finger. We had so much fun learning to work together. We also started our new project today. Jolly Rogers! The campers decorated their flag with stickers and personalized them.


Aaarrrghhhh! Ye be joinin’ the crew. Today we made our own creative pirate hats for an all hands on deck role play activity (Captain’s Orders). The teacher helped us pick pirate names and partners to work together as a team to cross the Briny Deep


Day 2 of our treasure hunter’s theme at camp. We finished reading How To Be Comfortable In Your Own Feathers by Julia Cook. Campers did an amazing job recapping the story and the importance of embracing our own unique selves. We finished our parrot puppets and we started a second project which included making a treasure map using antique paper. Campers had loads of fun creating their own map.

Yak Academy

Today we learned about accomplishing more by working together as a team. We practiced this by exploring the campus in small teams of 2-3 campers to complete our indoor/outdoor photo op scavenger hunt. Some groups were able to find all 20 items on the list!!


Today in Games class we put our skills to the test with various board games. Campers enjoyed a change in pace with this calm, and self paced day. Everyone found a game to play with a friend so that all of our friends could participate!

JCC Team

Today ALL JCC's were able to provide camper support in classrooms! It was amazing and all came away satisfied with their experience. The group also began brainstorming how they can routinely be a part of am and pm assembly.

Yak Apprentice

Today we learned about what it means to reflect on our day. Also, we talked about conflict and how to talk to someone you may have a problem with. We even role-played what to do. What was the best part of my day? We got to do karaoke today! It was so fun to sing and we even had backup dancers! Being a Yak Apprentice means to learn new skills and show off the ones we already have!


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