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Week 1: Under the sea

We are so excited to be back at camp after a year long wait! Joining us are some amazing talented campers as well as an exceptional staff. CYY is offering 8 classes this summer; Projects, Play, Games, Friendship, Chit-Chat, Yak Academy, Discovery, and Mindfulness. These classes focus on showcasing the talents of each camper while building friendships and developing communication skills. Our instructors create exciting lessons that make learning fun!

Projects class

Projects class introduces the campers to many different ways on how to express themselves through art. On day one campers introduced themselves and created flags, decorating it with some of their favorite things! Campers shared materials and got to know one another through their creations. Day two taught campers how to make stained glass windows, they created created colorful scenes of the sea. The theme for day three in Projects was "the Sea is Salty!" Campers learned about all of the benefits provided by the ocean; especially salt! On the final day of camp, campers created colorful images of life on the sea floor. Together we imagined waking up on the sea floor, looking around at all the brilliant colors, movement, dazzling corals and sea life. They used markers, yarn, and collage materials, to layer vibrant colors to depict the brilliant diversity of life in the sea.

Play Class

Campers get to have fun through movement during play class! This week, play class offered campers different ways to exercise and strengthen their muscles while working together. Campers always leave play class smiling and with new ideas and games to take home and play with their families!

Friendship Class

Friendship class gives campers the opportunity to build relationships and learn about their fellow campers. Day one campers first introduced themselves and what they like about camp. They also listened to the “Finding Nemo story” and identified emotions they noticed during the story. Day two, campers learned about uniqueness and read The Rainbow Fish written and illustrated by Marcus Pfister. Campers identified emotions throughout the story and discussed problem solving ideas. They also had the opportunity to decorate a rainbow fish and share their creations with the other campers. On the final day of camp, campers decorated their take home bags which contained all the projects they worked on during the week. Campers also had the opportunity to create friendship bracelets, many commented on wanting to create bracelets for new friends they made at camp.

Yak Academy

Campers took a trip under the sea during their week at Yak Academy. On day one campers created both real and imaginary sea creatures, getting to know each other by sharing ideas and art supplies! The next day, campers were introduced to the animals at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Along with discussing the unique characteristics of the animals, campers were encouraged to share their own ideas of what makes them unique. This weeks big project in Yak Academy was creating a movie. Campers worked together and wrote scripts, created settings, and discussed characters. By the end of the week, campers had created multiple movies and were experts in movie production.

Discovery Class

Campers in discovery class had the opportunity to participate in fun and diverse projects! One project from was a self portrait using paper plates and googly eyes, leaving the rest of the creation to the camper! Later in the week campers we made habitats for whales or fish. The campers had a blast creating the space for their animal!

Mindfulness Class

Mindfulness teaches campers different ways to practice being in the present moment. The JCC team explored their similarities and differences and took part in an activity that explores self expression. The Green team enjoyed using handheld instruments while following the rhythm of some Disney sea themed tunes.

Games Class

Games class is all about teamwork and fun! Campers get to experience the many different types of Games Camp Yakety Yak has to offer. Campers played with bean bags, raced in obstacle courses, competed in a hula hoop ring toss, and ended the week with some free time on the playground!

Meet The Teams!

Yellow Team

Blue Team

Red Team

Green Team

Orange Team

Silver Team

Jcc Team

Buddies Team


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