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Day 7 - Sensory Bottles!

Hey Camp Yakety Yak! Happy Friday!

Today's activity is making our very own sensory bottles, they are going to be so much fun and calming to look at once we are done! You should all remember my friend Miss Heather, camp's very own Clinical Director who you would have seen around camp all five weeks last summer.

Sensory bottles are amazing for helping to calm or focus your energy, and they are so easily portable so you can look at them not just at home, but take them with you on walks and car trips that you might take! Check out the video below to see how Miss Heather makes her Sensory Bottle too!

- SuperYak

Be sure to record your favorite parts of today's activity in your SuperYak’s Adventures at Home Journal!

Parents/Guardians can submit photos through the Photo Submission Form!

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