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Week 1: Superyak's Got Talent

Over here at CYY, we are SO excited to be launching into another year of camp. We have some old faces joining us as well as many new shining stars joining our team. This week, we are focusing on confidence and showing off the amazing talents we possess. Not only that, but we are learning to acknowledge and appreciate the talents of our friends. All six of our classes: Friendship, Discovery, Games, PLAY, Yak Academy, Cooking, and ChitChat aim to teach us something about using our communication skills by exploring and sharing our many talents.

In Friendship class, Ms. Emily and her talented campers from the Yellow, Blue, and Red team are focusing on the special skills they possess. They will read a book called The Secrets of Ninja School and will be working on activities inspired by the story that showcase their awesome ninja skills. At the end of the week, they will have an awards ceremony where every camper will have a chance to celebrate completing ninja training and present their special skill to the class. NINJATASTIC!

This week in Yak Academy, campers from the Green, Orange, and Silver team are becoming Magicians and Masters of Mystery. They will learn some old fashioned sleight-of-hand tricks as well as mix their magical powers with some greenscreen technology to aid them in their sorcery. Throughout the week, they will be making their own magical tools of the trade. On Friday, they will put on a greenscreen magic show! Campers will work together to perform some amazing tricks that will leave their audience dumbfounded.

To start the week off, in ChitChat, campers from the Green, Orange, and Silver team learned a fun new way to introduce themselves using their own special, individual motions! Together with Ms.Kathy, they read a story about a talent show to keep their thinking-minds churning on what talents they have to offer. As the week progresses, they will discover ways that they are talented by playing some fun new games. They will also be working on a special project to help them remember all of the cool things their friends can do! This is something we encourage families to ask about at home!

PLAY class is such a blast! Campers from our Buddies team, as well as the Yellow, Red and Blue team, will get to join in on activities like an obstacle course, dance off, parachute play, freeze tag and crab soccer just to name a few! We hope campers will leave PLAY class at the end of the week understanding the true meaning of sportsmanship and having had a fantastic time!

This week in Projects, campers from the Yellow, Blue, and Red team will show off their talents in a crafty way. It's important to remember that talents can be just about anything, big or small. They can even simply be something we really like to do! In Projects, campers will read a story called Giraffes Can't Dance which shows the struggle of a giraffe who feels left out because he can't dance like the rest of his jungle friends. However, he learns that sometimes when you’re different, you just need a different song! Campers will then make their own animal puppets and put on a puppet show! They will finish out the week by having their very own "talent show" to show and tell about their own special talents. Just as we are all unique individuals, so are our talents!

Our final class for the week is Games. Campers from the Green, Orange, and Silver team attend this class. Games is mainly held outside (as weather permits) and consists of fun moving exercises to get the blood pumping and HAVE FUN. Through these activities we hope to facilitate team bonding as well as work on skills like following directions, keeping calm bodies until the game begins, and being good sports. These are all talents that we hope our campers will be experts in by the end of this week. We'll leave it to Ms. Michelle to help make that happen!

As you can see, there are all sorts of amazing things coming this week We're so excited to learn about your camper's incredible talents and maybe share a few of our own. We love to see the confidence in campers when they get up the bravery to share all they have to offer as well as those who show their endless support to those brave people. This week is all about confidence and cheering on our friends. As a close, never forget that no talent is a bad talent.

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