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Yak Travelers: The Next Adventure - Day 5

Wow!! It was a whirlwind day as we traveled WORLDWIDE at Camp Yakety Yak. Campers started off the day with another amazing virtual tour of the world’s coolest landmarks. One from the United States was even included - the Statue of Liberty - which was actually a gift from France! So cool!!

The highlight of the day was the end of the week celebration!! Campers got unique and special awards from their team leaders! It was super awesome to hear our leaders talk about each of us. Then, we got to go to the last assembly of the week! Each team got a chance to show off their team talents!! It was amazing to see teams work together to put on such entertaining numbers!! A lot of the performances included music and dancing - a favorite here at Yakety Yak! As always, it was fun to see ourselves on the Big Screen during the Photo Slideshow. The link to the slideshow is on the Camp Yakety Yak website’s homepage if we want to watch it again and again!! And last, but not least, we had a mega, marvelous, magnificent DANCE PARTY!!

Check out what else we did throughout our last day at camp!!

Last stop on the Friendship world tour was right close to home: The Golden Gate Bridge in California!! Travelers learned cool facts about the Golden Gate Bridge… did you know the color of the bridge is international orange? We continued practicing greetings and asking others to play. Campers practiced their cooperation and friendship skills by creating a bridge with a friend. Thank you for a wonderful week of camp, Yak Travelers!! It has been an absolute pleasure working with you!!

On our last day in Projects, we visited the country of Japan! Campers had so much fun learning some Japanese words and discovering that Pokemon and Hello Kitty were created in Japan, as well as many anime series! Many campers love these cartoons and shows and shared their knowledge with the rest of their class. Thanks for your insight, campers! We then made koi windsocks like are popular in Japan out of paper tubes and made our own cartoon drawings. We also had an around-the-world photo shoot! Campers got to use the green screen to place themselves in Japan, China, Mexico, or Hawaii! Check out some of our pictures above! What a great way to end our travels! Arigato (“thank you” in Japanese!) for a wonderful week of adventures!

Today was our last day of PLAY for the week and wanted to make it ACTIVE! We began with our welcome song and then warmed up our bodies with a game of Tip It Over & Pick It Up, a game focused on teamwork and quick movements. Next, we played freeze tag! Freeze tag is a great game for practicing turn-taking, muscle control, safe tagging, and winning/losing. What a terrific last week at camp!

Instead of going to Discovery or Cooking, it was movie day!! We got to eat yummy popsicle treats while sailing over to Hawaii to watch part of the movie Moana!! Aloha, Yak Travelers!!

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