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Yak Travelers: The Next Adventure - Day 4

We had another AMAZING day as Yak Travelers!! At the beginning of our day, we traveled to South America via Google Earth! It was so incredible to see so many beautiful archaeological wonders throughout the continent. Next, we headed to our classes - in our classes we travelled to many places around the globe but also learned more about cultures within the United States like Hawaii and some Native American tribes!

As always the talent show at the end of camp was filled with incredibly gifted dancers, musicians, and singers! The mural of Yak Backs is FULL of all the Yak Backs we’ve earned this week. We earn Yak Backs by being kind and safe plus trying our best. Today alone we earned 309!! We can’t wait to show off the beautiful mural to all our loved ones that come to the End of the Week Party tomorrow!!

Our Dance Party today was EXTRA special!! The lights were turned off and we got glow sticks!! It was such a fun glow-in-the-dark dance party!

Check out what else we did on this terrific Thursday!

Friendship: Bonjour mes amis! (“Hello my friends!” from France) The friendship class is traveling again, today’s stop was France and the Eiffel Tower. Travelers learned some history about the Eiffel Tower and had the opportunity to use cooperation skills in building their own version on the Eiffel tower from blocks or playdough. Did you know the Eiffel tower is 1050 feet tall, made of iron and is painted every 7 years to protect it from rusting? Campers did a great job working together on their masterpieces!!

Projects: Today in Projects we stopped at the island of Hawaii! All teams had a great classroom discussion about VOLCANOES! Did you know that Hawaii is still getting bigger because Kilauea is still erupting? So cool! We also learned about traditional leis that people in Hawaii give to each other! For our craft activities today, campers got to make exploding volcano pictures or their very own paper flower lei! We had a lot of fun learning about our 50th state. Mahalo (Hawaiian for “thank you”!) for a great day, projects class!

PLAY: After welcoming each other to class, we warmed up our body with a game of Dance Moves! This involves being brave and teaching all of our friends a quick dance move while our friends sing for us! Next, we played our big movement game of Freeze Tag! Freeze tag is a great game for practicing turn-taking, muscle control, safe tagging, and winning/losing. We ended our day with a compliment circle and high-fives as we headed out. Today was a really fun and active day!

Discovery: Today, we learned about Australia! We watched a short video about the continent of Australia and all the cool things did you know it’s winter in Australia right now? Then we learned about the Australian art of dot painting. We looked at some authentic dot painting and got the chance to practice on our own. We picked a picture and then used q tips to dot paint all over our image and make a beautiful picture! It was AMAZING!

Cooking: Ciao, Yak Travelers! Today teams got to learn about Italy. Did you know Italy is close to the size of Arizona? The campers thought that was interesting. Campers talked about Venice and how there are no roads. Instead, people travel in boats. They thought it would be fun to travel in a boat! Another fun fact we talked about was how much pasta people in Italy eat. The average Italian eats around 55 pounds of pasta a year! So today we made pasta salad. The campers had fun learning about another country and trying a new food. All campers worked together safely and respectfully.

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