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Yak Travelers: The Next Adventure - Day 2

¡Nuestro día fue muy divertido! That means “Our day was very fun!” in Spanish. It has been so fun exploring different cultures here at Camp Yakety Yak during our Yak Travelers week. This morning, at the Morning Assembly, Miss Jenn gave us a virtual tour of famous landmarks throughout the continent of Asia. Some landmarks we knew about but others were new to us! We loved using Google Earth for the tour because it made us feel like we were actually there!!

As always, our recess stations were incredibly fun. Each day we get to make a choice about how to spend our time at Recess. We have to stay at whatever station we choose so we have to think carefully! One of our choices was to play with “spheros” iPad remote control balls) at the Tech Station. Other choices included the playground, outdoor games, creating a passport journal, or helping to build a Great Wall of China! All the campers at every station had a great time!!

Check out our other adventures below!

Today in ChitChat, we talked about different foods that are eaten around the world. We looked at what breakfast looks like in ten different countries. The discussion focused around being open to trying new food, and understanding that other people may eat food that you would choose not to. The group is still learning about accepting and understanding different cultures.

Today in Yak Academy we flew to Argentina and got another stamp in our passports!! We learned that Argentina has many different climates which means tons of different animals live there - from flamingos to elephant seals to cougars!! We also started working in a group to create our own postcard using the Green Screen and the Green Screen app. Each group is researching a country to visit and send the postcard from!! Can’t wait to see what countries groups are visiting! Today in Games, we switched focus from winning and losing to team play. After a quick warm-up of we traveled to the Antarctic for a Never-out Snowball Fight. Campers were split into two teams and played a game of dodgeball with small, white fluffy snowballs. The Antarctic playing field was divided in half - one side per team and the snowball fight (dodgeball) began. During the snowball fight any event that would normally make a player out in traditional dodgeball (e.g., being hit by a ball) instead caused them to switch teams. Campers had a great time and no cases of frostbite were noted.

Today in Discovery, we continued our learning about arts and crafts from around the world. We learned about dream catchers from the Native American culture! We looked at pictures of real dream catchers and then got the chance to make our own! We used paper plates and tied string on the bottom to attach beads and feathers. Then we painted our plates with cool patterns and designs to finish off our dream catchers. They came out AWESOME and were so unique! It’s been fun trying new arts and crafts from around the world!

Ciao from Cooking! Today teams got to learn about Italy. Did you know Italy is close to the size of Arizona? The campers thought that was interesting. Campers talked about Venice and how there are no roads. Instead, people travel in boats. They thought it would be fun to travel in a boat! Another fun fact we talked about was how much pasta people in Italy eat. The average Italian eats around 55 pounds of pasta a year! So today we made pasta salad. The campers had fun learning about another country and trying a new food. All campers worked together safely and respectfully.

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