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Yak Travelers: The Next Adventure

What a whirlwind adventure on our first day as Yak Travelers!! Campers started off the day with morning meeting before heading to classes. There were so many amazing activities going on throughout the Camp Yakety Yak globe - read more below!!

Our theme this week, Yak Travelers, allows campers to explore different cultures and places. Our curriculum theme is all about campers learning about being comfortable with and respecting ourselves as well as respecting other people and their cultures!! We are reading Julia Cook’s book called “How to Be Comfortable in Your Own Feathers.” The story is all about Bluebird learning that everyone is different and that is a good thing!! We are each special and have our own awesome qualities.

In the afternoon assembly, we kicked off the week with some fabulous talents - some singing, some dancing...including someone doing the SPLITS!! Wow!

Read more about our worldwide adventures below!

Today we started ChitChat by introducing ourselves and sharing what our favorite animals are! Then, we talked about what it means to have strengths and weaknesses! Some people may have a talent for something and others may not. We shared with the group what we felt our biggest strengths were. After that campers listened to the story, “How to Feel Comfortable in your Own Feathers”. We had an open discussion about the story after, and touched on being happy with who we are and not trying to change to be someone else! Campers did an awesome job contributing to the conversation and being open with their thoughts!

Today in Yak Academy, we visited Ethiopia!! We learned that Ethiopia is the second most populated country in Africa and that they love to play soccer! To be able to visit Ethiopia, we needed to have a passport!! So we made our very own!! On the first page is a bio about us… and tomorrow we’ll paste in our passport photo! Then all the other pages are for our Visas and stamps!! We got to put our Ethiopian stamp in today. Can’t wait to see what stamp we get tomorrow!!

Games was awesome today! We worked on winning and losing by playing a game where wins and losses come quickly - Rock/Paper/Scissors. The first game was a progression game where everyone started out as an Egg. When they won, they progressed up through the levels to Crab, Chicken and Dinosaur. If they lost, they moved back down. Then we moved to a travel themed version of the game where all the campers started out in New York and as they won they progressed to Tokyo, London and Paris. Every camper won and lost dozens of times and got to interact several times with everyone on their team.

Today in Discovery, we learned about arts and crafts from around the world! We completed art from 2 different countries today. We learned about Mandalas from India and colored our very own mandala to display in the classroom. We also learned about origami from Japan and practiced making some origami animals. Some of the origami was tricky, but no one gave up and everyone tried their best! We can’t wait to discover some more arts and crafts from around the world tomorrow!

Today in Cooking, camper teams learned about Mexico. We learned how to say hello in Spanish, “Hola!” We also learned that soccer is the most popular sport in Mexico. Did you know chocolate comes from Mexico? After talking about Mexico, we made salsa. The campers had fun measuring the ingredients and using the blender safely. Once the salsa was blended we got some chips and sat down and ate our snack. It was so much fun to learn about a new place and to make a snack from that area. All campers worked great as a team and stayed safe in the kitchen!

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