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SuperYaks: The Power Within- Day 4

We had so much fun in buddies today! Our buddies instructors were dressed up as SUPERHEROES complete with capes and masks!

Today in cooking we made superhero shields out of toast. We cut toast into the shape of a shield. Then they put on butter and cinnamon and sugar. To complete their shields they decorated them with icing. As a group we talked about how this was a sometimes food. After we were done eating our treat we filled out a sheet about being a superhero. We talked about their name and what their superpowers were. The campers also talked about what their favorite everyday and sometimes foods were. We had fun making our shield and talking about being a superhero.

In Play today, we warmed up our body with a game or Tornado! This is a fun game for practicing counting and turn taking. Next we practiced how to “Freeze” with a quick game or Freeze Dance, which lead us to our big movement game of Freeze Tag! Freeze tag is a great game for practicing turn-taking, muscle control, safe tagging, and winning/losing. We ended our day with another compliment circle and high-fives as we headed out. Another super fun day!

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