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SuperYaks: The Power Within- Day 4

SuperYaks to the Rescue! A superhero announcement from Camp Yakety Yak!

It’s Thursday and our superhero campers are doing some awesome things at camp! We started our day by taking team photos in from of our SuperYak mural. They were GREAT! Then it was off to a fun day of classes and exciting recess activities (like boat origami, scooters and basketball!) We finished the day with some AMAZING team talents! There was dancing, pom-poms, singing and even a puppet show!

Check some of the other things we did in our classes!


It was a race against time to get everything done today in Friendship… but thank goodness the campers brought their superpowers! We sang songs and beaded bracelets with names and superpower words! As usual, we couldn’t have done it without the wonderful energy and focus of the campers… as well as the gentle support from Blue Shirts!


Today in Projects we concluded our discussion of how superheroe

s follow our camp rules by taking our photos of us in our capes doing the rules! We can use these photos at future camps to show campers how it’s done! We also practiced some superhero dance moves to get ready for our team talent.


After welcoming each other to play, we warmed up our body with a game or Tornado! This is a fun game for practicing counting and turn taking. Next we practiced how to “Freeze” with a quick game or Freeze Dance, which lead us to our big movement game of Freeze Tag! Freeze tag is a great game for practicing turn-taking, muscle control, safe tagging, and winning/losing. We ended our day with another compliment circle and high-fives as we headed out. Another super fun day!


Today in cooking we made superhero shields out of toast. The Red, Blue, Green, and Buddies teams cut toast into the shape of a shield. Then they put on butter and cinnamon and sugar.

To complete their shields they decorated them with icing. As a group we talked about how this was a sometimes food. After they were done eating their treat we filled out a sheet about being a superhero. We talked about their name and what their superpowers were. The campers also talked about what their favorite everyday and sometimes foods were. The teams had fun making their shield and talking about being a superhero. All teams were safe in the kitchen and were respectful to their friends.


Yellow team was in Discovery today! We continued on with our discussion about superhero qualities and how to be a superhero in their own lives! Then, we created a superhero picture. The campers got to paint a background scene and then add buildings and houses to make a really awesome backdrop. Finally, they drew themselves on little superheroes and placed them onto their painted masterpiece. It looked like they were flying around saving the city! It was AWESOME!

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