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SuperYaks: The Power Within- Day 3

SuperYaks to the Rescue! A superhero announcement from Camp Yakety Yak!

It is day three of our superhero week at Camp Yakety Yak and there are A LOT of awesome superhero campers flying around. Our awesome camp mural went up today to be filled with all of the yak backs the campers receive throughout the week. There were so many yak backs given out today for kindness, following directions, helping others and so much more! Way to go Superhero campers!! As always, we ended the day with a fantastic talent show and dance party!

Here’s what else happened in each of our classes today!

Chit Chat:

Today in Chit Chat we started class with a quick ice breaker called, “pass the clap” and got to know more about each other. We then watched the video and spoke about how each and every one of us could be a hero in our own way. After talking about ways that Boy Raindrop became a hero by overcoming his fears and being brave. We then drew a picture or wrote about a time we had to face our fears.

Yak Academy:

Today in Yak Academy we created our superhero stories! We used the puppets we created yesterday to put together a storyline to use on the green screen later this week. We worked together and collaborated to come up with these awesome stories!


After a few rounds of Stop the Bomb where the power of the team resulted in a lot of personal team records and a 2018 camp record, the superheroes turned their attention to personal training. That personal training took the form of the Flash Dash (a shuttle run) to improve their quickness. After a round or two of practice the young superheroes we began timing their run. We will time at least two separate runs so that they can learn to compete with themselves and measure their effort. They were also reminded that running wasn’t every superhero’s strength but that all superheroes would only get better if they improve their lesser powers along with their superpower


This week we celebrate our inner Superhero! To help make our bodies super strong the Red, Blue, Green, and Buddies teams made homemade ranch. We then took celery and carrots and dipped them into the ranch. This was a yummy treat! The campers loved learning how to measure spices. It was also fun to see all of the spices mix together in the blender. All campers stayed safe in the kitchen and had a great time.


Today JCC, Orange and Silver teams were in Discovery. We created our very own superheroes and comic book stories to go along with our superheroes. We drew and described our superheroes and the powers they possessed. We also talked about the qualities of good superheroes, like kindness, helpful and bravery. Then we brainstormed and planned out what was going to happen with our superhero in our comics. Finally we got to create a real comic strip, complete with pictures and words. These teams worked so hard and their comic strips were AWESOME!

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