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SuperYaks: The Power Within- Day 2

Super Yaks to the rescue! A superhero announcement from Camp Yakety Yak!

It was another successful day at camp today. We started off our day with our daily morning meeting and then began the fun-filled day of classes and activities! We continued to focus on being our own superheroes, being courageous and taking risks. Our campers ended the super day with some fantastic talents and a great dance party!

Check out what else we did in classes today!


More friendship songs today! Campers are really getting good at our challenge song...Hey, it’s supposed to be a challenge!! We continued discussing our rain drop book about taking risks, trying new things and being open to possibilities and growth. Campers discussed all kinds of ways Superflex and Rockbrain thoughts can guide our actions and abilities to try new things and meet new friends. We made beautiful play dough art to demonstrate our deepened understanding. I’m noticing so much kindness and consideration of campers this week. There is a lot of curiosity about friends, openness to change and flexibility happening. Big congratulations to campers taking risks, trying new and different places to sit, sharing with friends and taking turns.


Today in Projects we continued our journey of learning how we can each be superheroes. Did you know that following our camp rules of “Be Safe, Be Kind, and Try Your Best” can help you be a superhero? We discussed the ways that superheroes follow these rules by protecting others, helping each other, and never giving up. We then made our own superhero paper bag puppets!! Each camper glued a cape and mask onto a paper bag and then decorated it to make their own unique superhero! We had so much fun designing our superheroes and then sharing them with each other.


Today in cooking we made superhero shields out of toast. The JCC, Orange, Yellow, and Silver teams cut toast into the shape of a shield. Then they put on butter and cinnamon and sugar.

To complete their shields they decorated them with icing. As a group we talked about how this was a sometimes food. After they were done eating their treat we filled out a sheet about being a superhero. We talked about their name and what their superpowers were. The campers also talked about what their favorite everyday and sometimes foods were. The teams had fun making their shield and talking about being a superhero. All teams were safe in the kitchen and were respectful to their friends.


Today we continued our discussion about the qualities of a classroom superhero. Then, we built our own superhero picture. We used watercolors to paint a background and then cut out houses and buildings to put on our picture. The last step was to decorate a superhero to mirror yourself and paste it in the picture. The pictures looked like we were flying in the sky, helping others. We really worked on sharing materials, showing off our outstanding work and working together to create these beautiful masterpieces. We were all superheroes in Discovery today!

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