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SuperYaks: The Power Within-Day 1

SuperYaks to the rescue! A superhero announcement from Camp Yakety Yak!

This week our book is Don't Be Afraid to Drop, by Julia Cook and we focused on being courageous and not afraid to take risks. We were introduced SuperYak, Camp Yakety Yak’'s superhero mascot! He might be large and shaggy with horns, but he uses his power for good! We began be talking about what makes each of us special (our hidden superpowers), and how we can use this as a superpower to fight against destructive decisions or friendship mistakes!

Monday was a FANTASTIC day! Check out what else we did in classes today!


Today Friendship was all about being brave today and taking risks. We read the story, Don’t Be Afraid to Drop, by Julia Cook and shared personal accounts of growth in the face of fear!! Our campers are not afraid to take risks and proved this by their openness to be vulnerable. Being a good friend starts with being your own best friend and support. We will continue this theme all week, deciding which self-talk to listen to and supporting each other in harnessing the power within!! Songs were also sung… and silliness and fun prevailed!


We started out Projects this week by learning all about superheroes! We looked at examples of our favorite superheroes and talked about what makes a superhero. Our campers had such thoughtful answers! We agreed that a superhero is anyone who tries their best to help others, so we can all be superheroes! We then each made our own superhero shields! Some campers chose to make shields like iconic superheroes, like Captain America or Wonder Woman, and some made them for their own superheroes! What a superb start to the week!


This week we celebrate our inner Superhero! To help make our bodies super strong the JCC, Orange, Yellow, and Silver teams made homemade ranch. We then took celery and carrots and dipped them into the ranch. This was a yummy treat! The campers loved learning how to measure spices. It was also fun to see all of the spices mix together in the blender. All campers stayed safe in the kitchen and had a great time.


Today we became Superheroes! We first talked about how each of us could be superheroes at camp and the qualities that make up an awesome superhero. The campers came up with words like kind, a good friend, helpful, focused and caring as some of the words that describe a class superhero. We then made superhero masks to transform into our very own superheroes! We used paper plates, paint, construction paper, markers and lots of creativity to construct our masks. Some campers made masks that resembled superheroes they knew and some created brand new superheroes, like Captain Kind! It was a fantastic day!

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