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Yak Kingdom: A Magical Quest - Day 5

Hear ye! Hear ye!! A royal announcement from Camp Yakety Yak!!

What an amazing last day of the week here in Yak Kingdom. Campers were busy from drop-off to pick-up with so many amazing activities!! We started the day with our morning meeting and found out we had earned enough Yak Backs for a popsicle party fit for princesses and princes!! What a royal treat.

At the end of our last class of the day, each camper received a special award specifically for them!! Some awards highlighted campers’ noble characteristics while others focused on campers’ legendary talents. Speaking of talents... teams showed off their team talents for their loved ones today at the Family Party!! We also got to enjoy an awesome picture slideshow - it was so fun to look back at our memories from the week. And of course, the camp day ended with a ROYAL DANCE PARTY!!

Check our what else was on the royal agenda:

Today was the day in ChitChat! We FINALLY got to present our art projects to each other. Everyone was individually invited to get up in front of the class and talk about how they made their dragons, flames, and magic spells and the significance of each aspect of the project. Campers were able to practice their public speaking skills and each one of them shined in the spotlight!!

Today was the Royal Art Gallery Walk day in Yak Academy!! Our finished self portraits were mounted and displayed just like in a museum!! We got to go around to each of our friends’ portraits and examine both sides of their masterpieces!! The front featured campers as royalty and the back had their word collages!! It was so special to see everyone’s great work!! We had some sticky notes and wrote positive things to each of our teammates to place next to their portrait. And after we sang the last End of Class song for the week, Lady Emily gave all our self-portraits to our team leader so we could take them home to our castles!!

In Games, it has been so much fun practicing our teamwork and getting to play a variety of different games and activities; lots of new friendships are forming! Today we finished off the week with a group game of dragonball - using pool noodles and soft balls. The campers have been so enthusiastic, thanks for such a fun week!

Discovery and Cooking Classes came together for a special video and treat for the end of the week!

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