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Yak Kingdom: A Magical Quest - Day 4

"The JCCs went to Discovery and made slime, then we headed up outside to see the rocket launch (again), we made our own this time, and we went through them so fast, we didn’t have enough time to do anymore, because we ran out of tablets. After we finished seeing rocket launches, we headed down to Games, where we did some water stations. After that, we headed down to lunch. After lunch, we waited for the recess announcements, as usual. Then, when recess was over, we walked over to the circle for Focus/Relax time. After Focus, we walked to the JCC room right across from the gym, Dani (our instructor) taught us how to be in a real emergency, like for us to bandage a bleeding person, (the bleeding wasn’t real) and we repeated that activity. After the bandaging was over, Sam (our leader) taught us what we are going to dance for the talent show on Friday, and then we headed down to the gym for snack."

Signing off, Zander and the JCC team

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