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Yak Kingdom: A Magical Quest - Day 3

Hear ye! Hear ye!! A royal announcement from Camp Yakety Yak!!

It was another legendary day in the Yak Kingdom!! AND we are officially halfway through our well as our summer!! Time flies when you’re having fun!!

Our afternoon assembly was led by Mr. Riplie!! He used a ROYAL voice at assembly which was so fun! Our afternoon assembly included some amazingly talented performers plus a super fun sing-a-long with two of our INCREDIBLE OT students. Their song was about a silly penguin and they taught us all the crazy movements to the song!! Then, one of our JCCs announced how many Yak Backs we earned today…. We earned 394!! In one day!! WOW!!

Read below about all our other fun from the day!

In Friendship, campers really started to rock our friendship songs! You might hear some songs about Tarzan and his friends or about bananas of maybe a few of our calming songs. Two of our teams made friendship cards today and another team is waiting until tomorrow so all campers can be present. We wore friendship bracelets and enjoyed each other’s company. Lots of wonderful ideas and stories shared amongst campers today!! We loved having organic conversations with our friends!!

Today in Projects, we made our Royal Rock Band posters!! We put on our costumes and posed with instruments to take a picture in front of the green screen. We then used the iPad to decorate and edit our pictures to look totally rad! It was so much fun to see ourselves as rock stars, just like the princess in our book! Check out our Royal Rock Band photos below!!

In PLAY, campers worked together as a team!! They did such an amazing job as a team. Campers were willing to try new things in PLAY today too! We had some fun balloon games to play today. First, we waddled across the gym with a balloon between our knees! Then we worked with a partner to squeeze the balloon between each other’s hips to move it across the gym. Lastly, we tried to hold the balloon with our partner between our backs!! It was so much fun!!

For Discovery, our second group of campers got to experience the Wizard’s Science Lab today! Campers were split into two different potion lab stations and completed science experiments. The first potion lab combined invisible juice, magic gel, the rainbow, wizard’s powder and a secret liquid (water, dish soap, food coloring, baking soda and vinegar) to see what happened. They watched as their potions fizzed and bubbled over their cups and exploded into the pans!

In Cooking, we embraced the Yak Kingdom theme!! So what better way to celebrate the theme than to make dragons out of fruit? The second group of campers had fun creating dragons with a watermelon body, apples as wings, blueberries as eyes, and red bell pepper for fire. All campers had a great attitude and kept safe in the kitchen!

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