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Yak Kingdom: A Magical Quest - Day 3

Hear ye! Hear ye!! A royal announcement from Camp Yakety Yak!!

It was another legendary day in the Yak Kingdom!! AND we are officially halfway through our well as our summer!! Time flies when you’re having fun!!

Our afternoon assembly was led by Mr. Riplie!! He used a ROYAL voice at assembly which was so fun! Our afternoon assembly included some amazingly talented performers plus a super fun sing-a-long with two of our INCREDIBLE OT students. Their song was about a silly penguin and they taught us all the crazy movements to the song!! Then, one of our JCCs announced how many Yak Backs we earned today…. We earned 394!! In one day!! WOW!!

Read below about all our other fun from the day!

Our discussion in ChitChat today lead to campers sharing things that might trigger them (or “push their buttons”) and send them into the “red zone”. To incorporate this into our art project, campers created flames to come out of their hand-made dragons from yesterday. On each flame, they wrote out a “trigger” to represent what might UNLEASH their “inner dragon”. Tomorrow, campers will finally get to combat the dragon and its flames with a magical spell!!

Today was magical in Yak Academy!! Campers transformed blank sheets of paper into… THEMSELVES!! Well, portraits of themselves! Campers’ self portraits are regal and beautiful!! Full of color and royal things like crowns and scepters!! We played some classical music to really put ourselves in an artistic, focused mood. The portraits are stunning!! Can’t wait to create our word collages tomorrow!

For Games, today we used kind and helpful words to practice our team building skills. Some groups used creative materials to build an obstacle course and practice getting through it in different, creative ways! Some of our older campers campers tried using carpet squares to get from one side of the field to another, overcoming communication and strategic challenges. It’s so much fun to see the teams work together to reach their goals!

For Discovery, our second group of campers got to experience the Wizard’s Science Lab today! Campers were split into two different potion lab stations and completed science experiments. The first potion lab combined invisible juice, magic gel, the rainbow, wizard’s powder and a secret liquid (water, dish soap, food coloring, baking soda and vinegar) to see what happened. They watched as their potions fizzed and bubbled over their cups and exploded into the pans!

In Cooking, we embraced the Yak Kingdom theme!! So what better way to celebrate the theme than to make dragons out of fruit? The second group of campers had fun creating dragons with a watermelon body, apples as wings, blueberries as eyes, and red bell pepper for fire. All campers had a great attitude and kept safe in the kitchen!

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