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Yak Kingdom: A Magical Quest - Day 2

Hear ye! Hear ye!! A royal announcement from Camp Yakety Yak!!

It was a blazing hot day in the Yak Kingdom. Despite the heat, campers stayed hydrated and had tons of incredible experiences today!! One of campers’ favorite parts of the day is the recess stations! Today’s choices included tech, playground, open gym (scooters!!), arts & crafts, and a new one: playmakers!! The Playmakers station is run by some graduate students from Portland State! They help all campers learn how to be better communicators through play!

At the afternoon talent show, we saw numerous campers and staff show off their awesome talents. The entertainment was fit for a king and queen!! But what really stole the show was learning our new CAMP SONG!! A team of red and white shirt staff helped us learn the first verse to the song! It was so totally awesome!!

Read about our other adventures below!!

In Friendship today, there were actual warm friendship rays glowing in our class! We had lots more singing with one new song added! These kids can sing! There are movements to the songs and campers picked them up soooooo quickly!! We continued with our Paper Bag Princess story, noticing all the ways the fearless princess showed friendship to the self-centered and pompous prince. We played a few friendship games to increase more opportunities for connection and communication, including “Dragon Says” and our “Sneaky Circle Game.” In the sweltering afternoon heat, we also did some calming Hidden Picture hunts with friends.

Today in Projects we listened to the song “The Princess Who Saved Herself” by Jonathan Coulton, which inspired the book we read yesterday! We then continued working on our Royal Rock Band costumes by turning old camp t-shirts into rock band t-shirts! We used puffy paint to make our own magical designs on our shirts. Campers were so creative with their designs. We had to be careful about how much paint we were using so that our friends would have a chance to use the same color when we were done. Campers enjoyed decorating the shirts so much - what a neat way to re-use materials!

In PLAY, campers played the game Mice vs Lucifer the Cat! It includes running across the gym and tagging our friends. We also played "bean bag rock" while listening to music which helped with motor movement! Campers had to wait for their turn but still had fun!

Today in our Discovery Class Wizard Science Lab, we made SLIME! Campers followed directions and combined glue, baking soda and contact solution to make their very own ooey, gooey, squishy SLIME! They got to add a color of their choice and slime beads to make their slime unique and special!

Cooking Class was great today! It's hot here in the Yak Kingdom. So what better way to cool off than to make milkshakes? Campers had a lot of fun making the kind of milkshake they liked. Afterwards, we made crowns! All campers stayed safe, had a positive attitude, and had fun.

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