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Yak Kingdom: A Magical Quest - Day 1

Hear ye! Hear ye!! A royal announcement from Camp Yakety Yak!!

This week our theme is Yak Kingdom: A Magical Quest! It’s not easy to miss if you walk around camp! As campers walked through the magical tunnel to camp this morning our JCCs had decorated the tunnel with magical, royal decorations! Once inside the gym, our GIANT castle mural was hard to miss. Our mural is where we collect all our Yak Backs throughout the week. Campers earned so many Yak Backs today and it's only Monday!!

Our book of the week is called "The Paperbag Princess" by Robert Munsch. The book focuses on Princess Elizabeth and a green, scaly dragon! Elizabeth becomes the paperbag princess when the dragon burns all her clothes and captures her fiance, Prince Ronald. Princess Elizabeth goes on a quest to challenge the dragon. There is a twist ending too! "The Paperbag Princess" helps us understand what stereotypes are and how they aren't necessarily true!! We will be using this topic to help become better friends!

This Monday of Camp was totally legendary - read about what else we were up to!

ChitChat: It was so fun to see so many familiar and meet all of the new campers this week in ChitChat! This week we are going with our “Yak Kingdom” theme and will be diving deep into how to fight our “inner dragons” (e.g. things that might trigger us and make us feel afraid, upset, or sad). Today, we got to read “The Paperbag Princess” by Robert Munsch! It lead to a great discussion about how we can break stereotypes and fight those inner dragons! Can’t wait to start a special hands-on projects’s going to be MAGICAL!

Yak Academy: This week in Yak Academy we will be creating double-sided Royal Self Portraits! One side will be a self portrait where we make ourselves look totally regal and royal - this represents what people can see about us. Then on the other side will be a collage of words that describe us - this helps represent who we really are on the inside!! The theme for the week at Camp is about breaking stereotypes and being friends with everyone so these portraits should help us do that! Today in Yak Academy, we did an art review of royal portraits!! We looked at portraits of royal people in history and took some notes. Then Lady Emily told us some facts about each of the people that we NEVER would have known based on their appearance alone! Can’t wait to start creating our own portraits!

Games: What a majestic first day of the week! Today our quest was to learn about our teammates and work together!! Our fearless quest guide, an OT assistant, lead us in some warm up and cool down stretches. Between these, we played a fun tag game centered around our theme of “Yak Kingdom!” Active games like this can be tiring in the hot sun, so we made sure to take lots of water breaks in the shade!!

Discovery:We have turned Discovery class into a Wizard Science Lab! Campers were split into two different potion lab stations and completed science experiments. The first potion lab combined invisible juice, magic gel, the rainbow, wizard’s powder and a secret liquid (water, dish soap, food coloring, baking soda and vinegar) to see what happened. They watched as their potions fizzed and bubbled over their cups and exploded into the pans!

Cooking: Is there a better way to celebrate our Yak Kingdom theme than to make dragons out of fruit? NO WAY! Campers had such fun creating dragons with a watermelon body, apples as wings, blueberries as eyes, and red bell pepper for fire. All our campers had positive attitudes and kept the kitchen safe!!

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