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Aliens, Monsters, and Robots... UNITE! - Day 5

Fridays always sneak up so fast here at Camp!! We had a totally out-of-this-world week. Between the dancing the Monster Mash, creating alien slime, and building robots, the time simply flew by!!

We had so much fun inviting our loved ones to the end of the week party!! All our campers got super amazing awards in their last class of the day! Plus, we got to show off our team talents at the party for our loved ones!! It was so awesome to see so many of our friends on stage with their team participating in the team talent!! It was also fun to see our friends in the end of the week slideshow!! But nothing beats the end of the week dance party!! We love finishing camp off with a good conga line or robot dance!!

Check out what else we did!!

Friendship: We are so sad today is the last day of the week! After such a busy week learning about Mean and Nice Tease Monsters, we decided to create our very own NICE Tease Monster! Our artistic talents were put to the test using lots of different materials to each create a Nice Tease Monster to take home - this will help to remind us of everything we learned in Friendship class this week!!

Projects: On our final day of camp this week, Projects made ALIEN SLIME! We worked with our table partners to follow a recipe to make the slime- who knew simple ingredients of glue, baking soda, and contact solution could mix together to make something so fun? Each team did a great job taking turns adding ingredients and mixing the slime. We dyed it green like aliens, and best of all, we each got to take some home! What a fantastic way to wrap up the week, Projects Class!

PLAY: Today, we played a variation of red light, green light that had us moving like aliens, robots, and monsters!! We had a ton of fun doing some silly movements on green light and then totally freezing on red light!! Campers did an awesome job restarting the game when someone had won - we knew we weren’t “losers” we just had another opportunity to play! It was such a fun week in PLAY class!!

Discovery & Cooking Class: Today is a special day for our robot, aliens, and monster campers! Today campers got to watch a movie and have a treat. What a great way to end the week!

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