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Aliens, Monsters, and Robots... UNITE! - Day 5

Friday! Last day of the week! Before heading off to Games, the JCCs started working on welcome posters for next week. In the morning, as all Yakety Yak campers make the journey from drop-off down to the gym, they pass through a tunnel. Each week, the JCC crew creates amazing posters to line the tunnel, making sure all campers feel welcomed and comfortable at CYY. Look out for “Yak Kingdom: A Magical Quest” themed posters on Monday!

In the afternoon, we had our end-of-week party where each JCC received an award. Then it was on to the final assembly where all campers looked to spot themselves in the weekly slideshow and showed off their group talents once again for friends and family behold. See you on Monday!

Signing off: Sam and the JCC team

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