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Aliens, Monsters, and Robots... UNITE! - Day 4

Today was a rocking day!!! We had such a great time learning, playing, creating, socializing, and dancing together! We started out the day with some team pictures - we looked so great in our orange-tastic tee shirts with our team signs!! At the end of the day, we had the most wonderful talent show yet: Team Talent Show!! The JCCs kicked it off with a choreographed line dance and every single team followed them up with an array of singing and dancing talents!! We saw some “Monster Mashin” as well as some “Shake it Off!” Our campers are so so talented!!

Check out what else we were up to today!!

Today in Friendship class, our inner actors and actresses came out! Using all of our knew knowledge about Nice Tease Monsters and Mean Tease Monsters, we acted out different scenarios and decided if it was a “Mean” or “Nice” tease. We also brainstormed lots of ideas for how to respond when others are teasing you!

Today in Projects we played Roll-a-Monster! We took turns rolling dice to determine if we should add eyes, horns, arms, legs, or mouths to our felt monsters. Some of them looked wild after a few rounds, with three eyes or five arms! After we played this game, we got to make our felt monsters however we wanted and glued them together to take home. There were so many creative monsters today, including a dragon and a kitty! Thanks for a fun day of games and crafts, Projects class!

In PLAY class, we had a ball with balloons!! We played a few different games with the balloons. We practiced body awareness as we tried to keep our balloon off the floor… but we also had to be careful about the other people and balloons around us! Campers absolutely loved balloon day!

For Discovery class, our second group of campers became ASTRONAUTS today! We took the space ships that we created yesterday and made our own space videos. The campers made their own skits and blasted off into space using our green screen. Some even befriended some aliens!!

Cooking class is letting their inner aliens show this week! Today, campers made Alien Parfaits. Campers followed a recipe to make layers of vanilla yogurt, cookie crumbles, and sugar free jello. They then put a marshmallow at the end of a bendy straw for the eyes! After trying their yummy treat we talked about how this was a “sometimes: food. All campers had a lot of fun learning to follow a recipe and trying new foods. Everyone stayed safe and were respectful to their team members. Cooking class is a great way to work as a team and share utensils.

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