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Aliens, Monsters, and Robots... UNITE! - Day 3

We had a wonderful Wednesday here at Camp. Our mural is gaining Yak Backs so fast! Today alone we earned 337!! WOW!! That just shows how amazing our campers have been!! They’ve been safe and kind while trying their very best!!

Our campers have TOTALLY embraced the Alien, Monster, and Robot theme. It isn’t hard to spot monster headbands, spaceship crafts, and robot stickers around camp. Throughout the day, campers were learning about bullying and teasing by reviewing our book of the week, “Tease Monster” by Julia Cook. We are trying to remember the difference between laughing with someone and laughing at someone! The Tease Monster book has helped us understand the difference!

Campers enjoyed so many fun activities today - check out all the fun stuff!!

In ChitChat, campers were so excited to finish up their monsters, aliens, and robots and share their creations with the rest of our ChitChat friends! Campers were able to show off their artistic abilities and talk to their peers about what makes them special and unique. We also reviewed some important aspects of our story for the week (“Tease Monster”) to practice some of those valuable language skills we work on in school, such as identifying characters and their emotional reactions to problems.

Today, in Yak Academy, we broke out the Cool Shot Hot Glue Guns and started building our creatures. For some of us, it was difficult to wait for our turn with the glue gun but we were able to be patient! The campers were amazing at creating unique, interesting, and creative creatures. Campers were very resourceful and inventive with their materials! We had so much fun constructing our creatures we almost forgot to sing the end of the class song!! Campers love singing the Yak Academy song!! Ask them to sing you the chorus!

In Games, we had round two of Bad Robot vs Good Robot Freeze Tag - it was great!! Playing a few practice rounds yesterday provided a good base for all the campers. Today, campers focused on playing and developing strategies - knowing what worked well and what didn’t. There were also fewer disagreements requiring resolution by way of Rock/Paper/Scissors - which is an awesome sign of growth!

In Discovery, the second group of campers got to experience space today! We learned about space shuttles and watched a real space shuttle take-off. We then built our very own spaceships! We used cardboard tubes and various materials to create our spaceships to make them unique and ready for take off tomorrow during our green screen videos!

Cooking class is embracing the theme this week! It's Monsters, Aliens, and Robots week... so why make a boring pizza?? Today, the Red, Blue, Green, and Buddies team made MINI MONSTER PIZZAS! We used olives as eyes, a mushroom as the nose, and a slice of green pepper for the smile! The campers loved their pizzas and even names them! After we finished our pizzas, we started to make our chef hats. All our campers followed the Kitchen Safety Rules and we had a magnificent time!

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