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Aliens, Monsters, and Robots... UNITE! - Day 3

We had a wonderful Wednesday here at Camp. Our mural is gaining Yak Backs so fast! Today alone we earned 337!! WOW!! That just shows how amazing our campers have been!! They’ve been safe and kind while trying their very best!!

Our campers have TOTALLY embraced the Alien, Monster, and Robot theme. It isn’t hard to spot monster headbands, spaceship crafts, and robot stickers around camp. Throughout the day, campers were learning about bullying and teasing by reviewing our book of the week, “Tease Monster” by Julia Cook. We are trying to remember the difference between laughing with someone and laughing at someone! The Tease Monster book has helped us understand the difference!

Campers enjoyed so many fun activities today - check out all the fun stuff!!

Today in Friendship class, we put our knew knowledge to the test!! We practiced our FABULOUS teamwork skills to work with a small group of teammates to complete a Kahoot - a fun quiz on the iPads! Everyone did an awesome job sharing, working together, and helping cheer each other on during this activity! Our Kahoot reviewed important concepts from our book, Tease Monster! We did a fantastic job!

In Projects we made a video of our class singing “Zoom Zoom Zoom, We’re Going to the Moon!!” We got to use a special piece of equipment called a green screen to film ourselves in outer space! It was so cool seeing ourselves in outer space or with a rocket ship. We wore our headbands that we created yesterday and looked fabulous in our space settings! It was super fun learning to use a new type of technology.

PLAY today was so much fun!! We completed a great big alien obstacle course! We had three different tracks of the obstacle course to complete. Tracks consisted of balance beams, crawling tunnels, cones, balance boards, and a big bean bag toss and the end. We got a chance to practice waiting for our turn in line and being patient. By the end of the track, the campers successfully escaped the aliens!

In Discovery, the second group of campers got to experience space today! We learned about space shuttles and watched a real space shuttle take-off. We then built our very own space hips! We used cardboard tubes and various materials to create our spaceships to make them unique and ready for take off tomorrow during our green screen videos!

Cooking class is embracing the theme this week! It's Monsters, Aliens, and Robots week... so why make a boring pizza?? Today, the Red, Blue, Green, and Buddies team made MINI MONSTER PIZZAS! We used olives as eyes, a mushroom as the nose, and a slice of green pepper for the smile! The campers loved their pizzas and even names them! After we finished our pizzas, we started to make our chef hats. All our campers followed the Kitchen Safety Rules and we had a magnificent time!

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