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Aliens, Monsters, and Aliens... UNITE! - Day 2

What a stellar day here at Camp Yakety Yak! Campers started earning Yak Backs today for being examples of our three camp rules: be kind, be safe, and try your best! We had soooooo many campers with multiple Yak Backs in their nametags at the end of the day! Tomorrow, a beautiful mural will start with all the Yak Backs we earn and collect!! Wonder what the mural will look like...

Today, at afternoon assembly, we had a ton of awesome talent in the talent show! Some glow-in-the-dark dance moves, a super awesome duet, and even an amazing magic trick by two of our amazing OT clinical practicum students! Campers and staff are out-of-this-world talented and we love that they share their talents with all of us at camp!

As always, there was so much going on at camp today - check it out!

Today in Friendship class, we finished reading “Tease Monster” by Julia Cook. One of a Kind showed us lots of different examples of Nice Tease Monsters, and Mean Tease Monsters in our life! We created a poster to help us remember the difference, and used our awesome thinking brains to share examples of each with our teammates! Campers did an incredible job creating super examples.

In Projects class, we each got to make our very own monster, alien, or robot headband! We used pipe cleaners, tin foil, and googly eyes to make our unique creatures. We looked so cool as monsters, aliens, and robots! The headbands are staying at Camp Yakety Yak tonight because we will use them tomorrow when we film our group song! We are going to be using the Green Screen studio - it’s going to be so exciting!!

In PLAY class, we played a zookeeper game! We had quite the zany zoo going on but campers were great at listening to the rules and following the instructions. By the end of class, campers were all sweating from running around and pretending to be different animals. It was a roaring good time!

Today, in Discovery, we became ASTRONAUTS! We took the space ships that we created yesterday and made our own space videos. The campers made their own skits and blasted off into space using our green screen. We then used the super amazing green screen app to add some galactic backgrounds. Some camper-astronauts even became friends with aliens!

Cooking class is letting their inner aliens show this week! Today we made Alien Parfaits. Campers followed a recipe to make layers of vanilla yogurt, cookie crumbles, and sugar free jello. They then put a marshmallow at the end of a bendy straw for the eyes! After trying their yummy treat we talked about how this was a “sometimes” food - not an “everyday” food. All campers had a lot of fun learning to follow a recipe and trying new foods. Everyone stayed safe and were respectful to their team members. Cooking class is a great way to work as a team and share utensils.

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