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Aliens, Monsters, and Robots...UNITE! - Day 1

"Monsters, aliens, robots, AND humans… UNITE!! Week 2 at Camp Yakety Yak is well underway. We had such a fun (and hot!!) Monday at camp. All throughout camp we saw monsters, aliens, and robots….even some robot dancing at the afternoon assembly!! Our JCCs from last week created really awesome "Welcome to Camp" posters that decorated the tunnel as campers walked into class - they were amazing!

Today, we began a weeklong discussion about bullying. We started off today by talking about our social filters - what are they? How can we tell if a thought should or shouldn't be said? We worked together to make a chart of examples of things we can think but not say as well as things that are okay to share with others!

We also had cooking class today which is embracing the week's theme! It's Monsters, Aliens, and Robots week... so why make a boring pizza?? Today, we made MINI MONSTER PIZZAS! We used olives as eyes, a mushroom as the nose, and a slice of green pepper for the smile! The JCCs loved their pizzas. After we finished our pizzas, we started to make our chef hats. All our campers followed the Kitchen Safety Rules and we had a magnificent time!

Games class today was awesome class today! We started out by playing a Rock/Paper/Scissors game where everyone started out as an Egg. When a person won, they "leveled up" to Alien, Monster and finally Robot. If they lost, they’d go down levels. During the game they could only play against someone that was the same level as they were. This combined multiple rounds of winning and losing while at the same time having to actively seek out new people to play against. After playing Egg/Alien/Monster/Robot we played a game that is a combination of tag, dodgeball and hide & seek where 2-3 campers started out as Aliens in the middle of the gym. The Aliens had to throw virus pods (super-soft balls) at the rest of the JCCs that were Monsters. If a virus pod hit a Monster they were infected and became an Alien and moved to the middle of the gym to throw virus pods at the rest of the Monsters.

Tomorrow, JCCs will start writing the blog and the whole camp starts earning Yak Backs. It will be our job to collect and count the Yak Backs - looking forward to a fun Tuesday tomorrow!!"

-JCC Leaders

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