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Aliens, Monsters, and Robots... UNITE! - Day 1

Monsters, aliens, robots, AND humans… UNITE!! Week 2 at Camp Yakety Yak is well underway. We had such a fun (and hot!!) Monday at camp. All throughout camp we saw monsters, aliens, and robots….even some robot dancing at the afternoon assembly!!

Today, we began a weeklong discussion about bullying. Throughout the week we will talk about different types of bullying as well as how to handle bullying. Our book this week is called Tease Monster by Julia Cook. It’s all about nice teasing and mean teasing - and how to tell the difference!

Check out what else we did at camp today!!

We’re off to a great start for week 2 of ChitChat! We greeted old friends from last week and welcomed new campers who joined us for the first time. Today we read another Julia Cook book called “Tease Monster”, which focuses on the differences between teasing and bullying. Before class was over, we started to brainstorm ideas for a cool creative project that we get to start tomorrow! We talked about what makes us unique and how we can turn all of our AMAZING attributes into a special project. Stay tuned for more details in tomorrow’s blog post!

What a fun first day in Yak Academy! First, campers learned about the Yak Academy expectations!! In Yak Academy we will… 1) Be respectful, safe and kind; 2) Raise our hands before answering or asking a question; 3) Ask for help if we need it; 4) Work nicely with our teammates; and 5) Have fun!! After we learned about the class expectations, we started our Project of the Week!! This week we will each get to create out own monster, alien, or robot out of old household items and tons of arts & craft supplies! Today, we got to pick out our supplies and started imagining what our creature will look like! Can’t wait to keep working on these fantastical creatures tomorrow!!

In Games, we had an awesome class today! We started out by playing a super fun variation by playing a Rock/Paper/Scissors game. Everyone started out as an Egg - when they won, they "leveled up" to Alien then Monster and finally, Robot!! If a camper lost, they'd go down. During the game they could only play against someone that was the same level as they were. This combined multiple rounds of winning and losing while at the same time having to actively seek out new campers to play against. After playing Egg/Alien/Monster/Robot we played a game that is a combination of tag, dodgeball and hide & seek where 2-3 campers started out as Aliens in the middle of the gym. The Aliens had to throw virus pods (super-soft balls) at the rest of the campers that were Monsters. If a virus pod hit a Monster they were infected and became an Alien and moved to the middle of the gym to throw virus pods at the rest of the Monsters!!

In Discovery class, we had just an awesome day! We learned about space shuttles and watched a real space shuttle take-off. We then built our very own spaceships! We used cardboard tubes and various materials to create our spaceships to make them unique and ready for take off tomorrow during our green screen videos! That’s right - we will use the Green Screen to help us simulate our spaceships flying into different galaxies!

Cooking class is embracing the theme this week! It's Monsters, Aliens, and Robots week... so why make a boring pizza?? Today, we made MINI MONSTER PIZZAS! We used olives as eyes, a mushroom as the nose, and a slice of green pepper for the smile! The campers loved their pizzas and even named them! After we finished our pizzas, we started to make our chef hats. All our campers followed the Kitchen Safety Rules and we had a magnificent time!

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