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Aliens, Monsters, and Robots... UNITE! - Day 1

Monsters, aliens, robots, AND humans… UNITE!! Week 2 at Camp Yakety Yak is well underway. We had such a fun (and hot!!) Monday at camp. All throughout camp we saw monsters, aliens, and robots….even some robot dancing at the afternoon assembly!!

Today, we began a week long discussion about bullying. Throughout the week we will talk about different types of bullying as well as how to handle bullying. Our book this week is called Tease Monster by Julia Cook. It’s all about nice teasing and mean teasing - and how to tell the difference!

Check out what else we did at camp today!!

Today in Friendship class, we met TWO new monsters...TEASE MONSTERS! We read our book of the week, “Tease Monster” by Julia Cook, and followed along as the main character - One of a Kind - learns that there is a difference between the Nice Tease Monster and the Mean Tease Monster. Throughout the week, we will continue to learn about these two monsters and figure out how to identify and respond to both mean and nice teasing!

In Projects class, we started learning about the solar system! We watched a short video introducing us to the different planets, then had fun discussing what we learned and sharing our favorite space facts. After that, we made our classroom into a solar system! We each made a planet, star, or rocket ship to hang in our classroom. Our class now looks stellar!

In Play, we played dice movement as a warm up game - where each side of a die is a different move! Then, we played Monster, Monster, Robot (similar to Duck, Duck, Goose). Both Campers and our Blue Shirt Staff participated and we all had fun! The campers learned to take turns and were excited when it was time for them to go. We also had some campers who were hesitant to play end up being more and more engaged - so exciting!! A big shoutout to all out Blue Shirts who were such great role models!

In Discovery class, we had just an awesome day! We learned about space shuttles and watched a real space shuttle take-off. We then built our very own spaceships! We used cardboard tubes and various materials to create our spaceships to make them unique and ready for take off tomorrow during our green screen videos! That’s right - we will use the Green Screen to help us simulate our spaceships flying into different galaxies!

Cooking class is embracing the theme this week! It's Monsters, Aliens, and Robots week... so why make a boring pizza?? Today, we made MINI MONSTER PIZZAS! We used olives as eyes, a mushroom as the nose, and a slice of green pepper for the smile! The campers loved their pizzas and even named them! After we finished our pizzas, we started to make our chef hats. All our campers followed the Kitchen Safety Rules and we had a magnificent time!

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