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Yak Trackers and the Search for Bigfoot, Day 5

What an incredible week at camp!! Campers had another jam-packed day filled with fun surprises, cool activities, and lots of dancing!! All week campers have been earning Yak Backs for being good examples of camp's 3 rules: be safe, be kind, and try your best. The hope was to earn a special surprise at the end of the week! Today, campers found out we had reached our goal and we had earned popsicles treats!! They were so yummy and perfect for a hot day like today.

The JCCs were in charge of the Instagram Story today. Go check it out on Instagram at @campyaketyayk. Starting next week, a different instructor or staff member will create an Instagram story so everyone can see how amazing Camp Yakety Yak days are!

At the end of the day, campers received their super amazing awards!! Each camper got a unique award that their team created just for them. Some campers earned awards like "The Helping Hand Award" or "The Playground Pal" or "Legendary Line Leader" that highlighted a stellar personality trait, amazing habit, or special interest!

After campers received their awards, we gathered together for our last assembly of the week. We got to sing The Great Big Moose song to our loved ones! We also got to watch a pictures slideshow from the week - it was so exciting to see ourselves on the big screen!! We wrapped up camp with a big dance party! It was so much fun to dance with all our friends and our loved ones!

Here are some of our other adventures from today!

What a fun last day in ChitChat class! It’s always nice to end the week on a high note with a game! We wrapped everything we learned up into a giant game of “Should I or Shouldn’t I?” Campers engaged in some serious debates and came up with appropriate responses for some tricky situations. Campers had to try to see from someone else's perspective as well as communicate what they believed was the appropriate response. Miss Hannah is looking forward to seeing many of the campers next week in ChitChat!

In Yak Academy, we finished editing our movies! Wow!! The mini-movies are totally amazing - most of them are pretty quiet so we will look into getting microphones for the future! But campers did a fantastic job adding in different digital backgrounds to their movies through the green screen app. Each team only had one iPad that could edit so campers had to learn how to work together to make a collective vision come true! It was difficult to agree sometimes but each mini-movies came out to be just great! Links to the movies can be found at the bottom of the blog post - check them out!

It was another fun day at Games even though it was really hot! We revisited "Egg, Crab, Chicken, Dinosaur" and "Bump Tag" from earlier in the week. We also learned a new game - "Never Out Dodgeball" that campers absolutely loved!! Instead of getting out when you were hit by a pom-pom ball or when the pom-pom ball you threw was caught, you just switched to the other team and kept playing! It was super fun but we made sure to stay hydrated with lots of water breaks!

Instead of Discovery or Cooking class today, campers gathered together to celebrate a Yak Back victory with popsicles! We watch a Magic School Bis episode that celebrated the Great Outdoors! Campers loved their icy treats - what a great way to celebrate the end of the week!

Team Mini-Movies from Yak Academy:

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