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Yak Trackers and the Search for Bigfoot, Day 1

Welcome, Yak Trackers! We've completed our very first day of Camp Yakety Yak 2018, and it was an action-packed one! We've been exploring the world around us: forests and volcanoes, mountains and rivers. Being in the Pacific Northwest, we've heard that Bigfoot may be lurking around, so we've been keeping a close eye out...

Our discussions on volcanoes led us to exploring a different type of volcano: a metaphorical one! When we interrupt others, we learned that it's like a volcano erupting in our mouths. No one wants to be interrupted! Our book this week, My Mouth is a Volcano! by Julia Cook, is helping us understand how we can filter our speech and listen while others are speaking, instead of interrupting them.

Let's check out some other adventures from today!

In Chit Chat class today, we learned about the classroom rules and what this class is all about! In Chit Chat this week, we will discuss what it means to be a good friend to all. We also talk a lot about our emotions and feelings and things we can do to regulate ourselves. We compiled all the information we know as individuals about volcanoes and talked about how our mouths can be like volcanoes sometimes. We finished the first day of class reading My Mouth is a Volcano by Julia Cook.

In Yak Academy this week, we will be creating a mini-movie using Camp’s super cool Green Screen Studio!! The mini-movies will be about how to avoid interrupting others and how to use our social filters. Today, we began to brainstorm with our teams!! Since camp’s theme is about the PNW and Bigfoot, most teams’ mini-movies will feature Bigfoot!! Campers came up with some amazing ideas!! Can’t wait to see how the scripts start coming along tomorrow!

In Cooking we made our own tasty trail mix. It was a perfect choice for exploring the outdoors and pretending we were camping on our search for Bigfoot!

Today in Discovery we were YAK TRAVELERS! We learned about nature and went on an exploration. We took our classroom outside and went on a nature scavenger hunt. We traveled around the outdoors of Camp Yakety Yak and looked for plants, animals and insects.

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