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Gamers & Movie-Makers, Day 4

Play- Yellow & Blue

Today in PLAY Class we enjoyed some water play! It was fun to be outside in the shade. We even got to take our shoes and socks off. We got kind of wet, but it's okay because we dried quickly! The teacher even had some ice and talked about the different states of water.

Discovery- Yellow

Discovery had day 2 of craft coding. Campers worked through challenging activity of drag and drop coding. Campers will do more tomorrow.

Games- Red

Games continued creating our camp version of Charades - Yakarades. The focus was on using nonverbal communication and developing standard ways to provide hints and help to the audience.


Today in Projects, we finished up our music videos. We filmed in our group and worked on collaboration. Sometimes, we had to be able to be flexible when making a choice. It was fun to be creative and use the ipad to film! We can't wait to see how the videos turn out!

Cooking- Blue & Red

Today in cooking we made special popcorn! We added melted marshmallows & chocolate chips! It was really cool to make. Kids really liked how sticky the popcorn became.

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