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Gamers & Movie Makers, Day 3

Yak Academy

Today in Yak academy we continued working on our movies and music videos. Some groups continued to collaborate and plan while other groups actually started filming! There was a lot of group work involved as well as taking turns.

Chit Chat:

Game stations. Each class split up into smaller groups and rotated through 4 stations: Trouble, Sorry, Wii, and Hedbanz. Everyone's favorite was playing Mario Party 8 on the Wii!

Discovery- Orange & Silver

Discovery had day 1 of craft coding. Campers worked through challenging activity of drag and drop coding. Campers will do more tomorrow.


Games continued creating our camp version of Charades - Yakarades. The focus was on using nonverbal communication and developing standard ways to provide hints and help to the audience.

Cooking- Green

Today in cooking, we build a fun snack. It started with a tortilla, and we added some sun butter and bananas. Sometimes, it was a little hard to wrap our minds around the idea of sunflower seed butter, but it's fun to try new foods!

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