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Gamers & Move Makers, Day 3

Play- Yellow & Blue

Today in PLAY Class we did an obstacle course. The focus of the obstacle course was laying prone on a yoga ball and on a scooter, emphasizing arm movements. While laying on the yoga ball their task was to pick up snowballs and put them in a bucket. On the scooter, the campers laid on their stomachs and pulled themselves along with their hands, increasing arm and hand strength.


Today in Friendship Class we had different game stations set up which included; the Wii, slime sensory play, Jenga, Tetris, and a counting game. So far this week, we have gone over coping strategies to get out of the red zone and the importance of not letting games take control of you. Today, we played games to encourage the campers that, "It's Just A Game," and we are here to have fun!

Discovery- Yellow

Discovery had day 1 of craft coding. Campers worked through challenging activity of drag and drop coding. Campers will do more tomorrow.

Games- Red

Games continued creating our camp version of Charades - Yakarades. The focus was on using nonverbal communication and developing standard ways to provide hints and help to the audience.


We had a guest speaker, children's book author miss Kate! She gave a presentation about how she creates the characters for her books and we did activities that helped us create characters we could use in our music videos.

Cooking- Blue & Red

Today in cooking, we build a fun snack. It started with a tortilla, and we added some sun butter and bananas. Sometimes, it was a little hard to wrap our minds around the idea of sunflower seed butter, but it's fun to try new foods!

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