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Gamers and Movie-Makers - Day Two

We’re back for another day of gaming and movie-making!

It’s a warm week, but we kept cool with indoor dance parties, along with movies and games and that we created! Your camper was the STAR today, and also the PRODUCER. Here’s all the fun we had:

Projects – Blue, Yellow and Red

Music videos are in full swing! We chose songs, made props, and worked with our friends to create videos. Campers loved producing AND starring in their own videos. They followed these three steps:

  1. Listen

  2. Share ideas

  3. Plan scenes

Friendship – Blue, Yellow and Red

In Friendship class today we read a story, and then made Life Controllers. Life Controllers are video game controllers that we cut out and colored, with ideas for what we can do besides playing video games. We came up with lots of ideas on our own too!

Cooking – Yellow Only

Sweet and Salty Popcorn was a big hit! The marshmallow was gooey, and combining ingredients and stirring them in was half the fun. The other half? Eating it!

Discovery – Red and Blue Only

We continued working our way into the world of CODING.ORG today. Campers learned how to drag and drop more complicated commands. We especially loved how they used helpful hands and worked together!

Games – Red Only

Today, we learned flexibility and cooperation! Since it is so hot outside, we were FLEXIBLE, and moved our games indoors. Then, we worked together to decide what we wanted to do. Some campers decided to use the stage, and we played charades with movie and video game titles!

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