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Gamers and Movie-Makers - Day One

It’s Gamers and Movie Makers: Tech Week – And Your Camper is the STAR!

Hi! I’m Kate Ristau. I’m a local author and writing instructor.

This week, I’ll be spending time talking with your camper about the stories behind movies and video games. How do we develop characters? How do we write intriguing adventures? We’ll explore the answers to these questions! Throughout the week, I’ll get a chance to share my knowledge with your campers, and help them develop stories of their own!

Keep reading to find out all the ways your campers shined like stars today!

Cooking – Silver and Orange Only

We brought our movie making right to the kitchen by making Reels of Film. We spread sun butter on a tortilla, cut up bananas, and then covered them in honey. Our campers worked hard, followed directions, and finished by eating their movie reels!

Discovery – Green Only

Today in discovery we started CODING! Using CODE.ORG, we used a MINECRAFT app to do basic coding. Campers chose codes and dragged and dropped them. They learned to move characters (including chickens and sheep) and perform basic commands. Coding work will continue tomorrow, but you can also continue work at home by logging in and creating your own account!

Chit Chat – Orange, Green and Silver

We made Anger Catchers today in Chit Chat. Ask your campers to show you their catcher. It has all kinds of tips and tricks for dealing with anger in productive and positive ways.

Yak Academy – Orange, Green and Silver

In Yak Academy, we explored music videos, and chose which songs we would love in our own videos. It was tough deciding, and took a lot of negotiation. Your campers did a great job choosing what to do with their friends.

Games – Orange, Green and Silver

In Games, we played a giant game of Trouble, with carpet squares as our game board. We gathered under a tree outside and even designed our own rules!

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