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Gamers and Movie-Makers - Day One

It’s Gamers and Movie Makers: Tech Week – And Your Camper is the STAR!

Hi! I’m Kate Ristau. I’m a local author and writing instructor. Today, I read stories with your campers, and told a few stories too. We talked about dragons and told a funny story about a cupcake! It was a great day.

Campers showed me books that they had been reading, and one camper showed me a picture of a peacock!


We enjoyed time in the gym. Everyone loved rolling the dice to see what it said we should do. One time, it told us to make a line, and we worked together to form a line as fast as we could.


We enjoyed playing outside with our friends as recess.

We can't believe it's already week 5! We've been having such a blast in buddies using our weekly themes to incorporate our learning. Campers have been working so hard on using their words, taking turns, waiting, sharing and transitioning. The amount of communication today has been so amazing to watch. We are so proud of our campers. We made a "Creeper" craft from Minecraft using toilet paper rolls and had a blast hearing stories from a children's author.

We also did a fun shaving cream craft!


We finished off the day at the dance party!

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