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Construction, Day 3


Today we went on a hike!

Yak Academy-

Today we made our very own water slides! We drew out the blueprint of our slide. When we had our designs finished, we used straws for the ladder and tinfoil for the slide. To test it, we used a marble. It was neat to think about what would make an exciting slide.

Chit Chat-

Chit Chat was super fun today! We did a games-show. There were different categories on the board. We picked one and then answered a question (acting something out, drawing something, problem solving, or true/false).

Cooking - Green

Today cooking we made some special no-bake apple pies in a cup! We learned about the layers of the road when we built them. There was a lot of fun construction with smashing up different crackers and adding in cut apples and applesauce.

Discovery - Orange, Silver

Today in discovery we started our fun two part construction project! Step one is deconstruction. We used tools to deconstruct some kind of device (an ipad, ereader, boombox, laptop, ect). It was fun to take things apart and discover how they look on the inside!

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